Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dancing Cooks

Does the family that cooks together, stay happy together? It sure looks like it.

Today the top 7 family were in the most jovial moods as they went about their Honeywell Cooking Task. While they tried to think up of creative dishes to prepare today, the Housemates decided to find a little inspiration through song and dance.

Western African fellas Melvin and Elikem provided the harmony and sang merry tunes from their homelands while their fellow Chasemates showed off their best traditional dance moves.

First to take the floor was resident booty shaker Beverly, who looked comical, doing her crazy dance with the most serious of looks on her face. The Nigerian was followed up by Dillish and Angelo who also showed off their best moves.

After that the Housemates then had a fun group dance session together. Aww, don’t you just love seeing the Housemates looking so happy and having fun together?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. hm should put crouges behind and make good use of dis bcos dey may not have such a wonderful moment like dis again after d chase.

  2. Keagan Petersen made 'Big Brother Africa' history this year by becoming the first South African to win Africa's biggest reality TV show, walking away with 300 000 USD.

    However, most of his fans (South Africans especially) thought he was a bit too silent after the show.

    On Monday, November 19, 2012 Keagan decided to break the silence with a long post via his Facebook fan page:-

    He said "So one thing people fail to understand is... i went onto Big Brother because i wanted to experience something new, thats how i live my life, i did not ask anybody to vote for me, i did not expect anybody to vote for me, so why i am saying this is, i dont have to post pics like all the other bba people wanting publicity, im easy just the way i am, i enjoy life and dont have to bost about it or report to people every two seconds, and for the people saying they miss me in sa, you dont even see me, so what difference does it make if im on Facebook in sa, usa, qatar, makes no difference..this status is dedicated to common sense, as in the past few days i realized that it is the biggest disease causing mental instability to our planet..."lack of common sense" i love you all...but before you ask me a question please think before you type... much love! Sleep tight! Bless you all! :)"

    The post caused a lot of uproar from fans who felt offended after all their support for him.

    The following day, Keagan responded to the matter as follows:-

    "So my post yesterday was not intended to offend anybody, it was purely just to state what was on my mind...hence it being a status, to the people that have selective reading... well theres not much i can do about that hay as unfortunately emotions cannot be felt via text... one thing i would like to say is im far from ungrateful as some make me out to be, the money has not changed me as i barely think about it, and i definitely am not arrogant, i like a stress free life and tend to avoid situations that will cause negative energy ... so this is the last of me explaining myself seeing that i apparently owe you all something... take note that i am not apologizing for my last status hahahahaha...some of you take life tooo seriously, theirs more important things to focus on... so i'll leave you with one great comfort is, that the temporary celebrity i have wrung from the world has been in the very teeth of all opinions and prejudices.i have flattered no ruling powers, i have never concealed a single thought that tempted me...good day people! (waiting for haters to comment... so i can laugh) :)"

    There you have it BBA community. What do you have to say about this?

    1. Get a life.... Why do you expect us to comment of last year's status, I mean duhh.

  3. When u force a crown on an undesrving person, this is what u get. Very good for his fans

  4. Ouch dat was an article, so nxtym we vote, we shud vote wisely. The one HM whom i think wil act just da same is Elikem!

    1. Fool if u south africans re cooking ur food, better eat it n leave elikem's name out. U knw wat i think u fantisize abt elikem dats why u draw him unnecessarily into isuess...word of advise...use ur tym n energy t vote for d porn star grandfather angelo...*blocking ma nose* smelly unkempt hair

  5. So in all dis ur comments now, how has Angelo offended u to deserve insults from a slimmy maggot like u? N y insulting SA? I'm Nigerian not SA but feel we don't need to show levels of stupidity by insulting so aggressively wen some1 makes a comment. Dis isn't a battle site/group. Can't we just enjoy dis bb moments? Sorry 4 calling u a maggot ehn its just dat goats n pigs like u make me react. Sorri u hear..