Tuesday, August 13, 2013

'The Money Wasn't Mine' - Feza

There is a trail of couples following one another out the Big Brother reality show, Tanzanian singer, feisty Feza got the boot in last Sunday's live eviction show.

It’s only been 7 days since her lover Oneal left the house.

The 25 year old says it was time for her to leave the game because the chase was no longer hers.

“It’s nice to be out of the game, if I had not left, I would probably be up for eviction again this week and somehow my stay was going to come to an end.

“The money wasn’t mine, I thought I would take it but it’s not the case now,” Feza said.

Exiting the show as the 20th chasemate to be booted Feza says she does not regret living 77 days of her life on TV.

“I have no regrets at all instead I had the greatest experience I met new friends, found love. I am glad I did it and have discovered a lot about myself.”

Elaborating on the new found love she says it was an unexpected turn of events.

“When entering the house I had told myself I would live single but I met Oneal all of that changed.

“I was attracted to him, he is arrogant and straightforward and there is something about him. I don’t know what will happen now that I am out but I would definitely love to be with him going forward,” she said.

Oneal and Feza known as Oneza, spent most of their BBA time together, Feza says housemates did not like the pair together.

“When Oneal left I concentrated on me and the game. This made me notice that housemates like the single Feza more opposed to when in a relationship.”

Feza is looking forward to spending time with her son and pushing her music career in Tanzania.

“I have dearly missed my son and I’m looking forward to seeing him. I will be on your radio station and TV doing music,” she said.

This week’s nomination process will leave either if the seven housemates on the games top 5 spotlights. Only two weeks left until one winner of the chase game gets to walk away with the massive $300,000.

It must be noted that Nigeria’s Beverly has never been under the nominations chopping board since entering the game.

By Bongiwe Sithole / SowetanLive


  1. Beautiful lady that doesn't need makeup. You came, saw but was conquered by the game. Good luck in your career

  2. You looked amazingly beautiful Feza

  3. Feza you were so lovely and awesome when you first came to the house put you made Oneal spoil your game plane and ruin your reputation and integrity' You suddenly turn your self to Judas full of arrogant and morron esteem thinking you are the Angel.. sorry Africa is wiser than you thought you .. Now Whole Africa is strongly behind your enemy .. food for thought love your neighbor as your self yeah

  4. Oneal destroyd feza n d hsemates told her b4 she left.

  5. Wooow well said Patrick M Nartey

  6. Why blaming Oneal not the love they shared?? why cant you blame poor Bev the say way you doing to ONEZA! Even Polikem was acting the same way the ONEZA was doing. Hatred from our African brothers is just too much. Even now peeps still talk as if Polikem was the best but they were nothing but gossip mongers.
    It too bad that some countries doesn't want to be outsmarted in anyway. you get hated for something you love, hell no. Bev sleeping with Angelo receives some praises as if that's not a sin.

    Go for your heart and forget the rest, sometimes peeps misleading you only to laugh at you.

  7. Hopeless sex maniac. Cheap and useless Bev

  8. mic u al wish u all the best in every thing

  9. if Bev slep with Angelo that is not ur buz, liv her find another disscusion, stop to discuss about Bev. Holy Mary people, i u better thn her go and show ur telent good for nothing people that discuss of Bev mumu