Friday, August 16, 2013

The United States Of Big Brother

Is there something in the water in the Big Brother House that gets the Housemates super hyper real fast as soon as the cloak of darkness falls over the skies or it could it be that they are just happy that it is a Friday night?

Either way the Housemates spent the evening putting on an amusing show for Africa and each other. In an effort to liven things up in the House; Elikem and Angelo put on comical American accents and played the roles of two American tourists that find themselves in the Big Brother House.

After that Angelo acted as a stranger hitting on his real life girl Beverly. He macked her with wack pickup lines like, "Girl you smell so good like food".

Afterwards the funny twosome ditched the American accents for satirical versions of their own African accents. The duo pounced on Melvin, who has been so down since his disagreement with Dillish earlier on, doing their best to try and put a smile on his face.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Y do africans comment wtout get info on wat d are writting abt?how can someone sent on Tv dat delish washed melvins Dirtylaundry outside? When did someone Trusting Too much a Dirtylaundry? Africans let get educated b4 chasing money in life.Melvin should be angry wt d so called delish n she jos accepted right now dat she really did him bad n went to beg him n askd him plz can we talk upstairs as adviced by Elikeem. Melvin is a gud guy if he really Trust too much! Luv frm zim!

  2. Melvin cldn't believe dillish cld do such things,dats why he is down

  3. My gosh..... I don't like Melvin but I don't like seeing him so hurt. I feel for him. Cheer up bro, Dilish is going tomorrow.