Sunday, August 25, 2013

Their Last Hairdo

As usual on a Sunday, the remaining Chasers had their last complimentary hairdo before tonight’s show. The hairstylists gave the Top 5 a warm welcome as they took their seats and readied themselves for a make-over.

Melvin and Cleo had their haircuts first. Zambian rapper Cleo had her side hairs trimmed first and then the barber relaxed it for her. Melvin also had his hair relaxed after they trimmed it, they also touched up his moustache.

The gorgeous Dillish’s weave also went through some changes but was treated with conditioner first before she had to sit under a dryer for what felt like eternity to her. Needless to say, whatever she has on her head will always compliment her beauty, so in this regard she is never worried.

Beverly removed her weave after her man Angelo got Evicted and has been without a weave throughout the week. so today the stylist relaxed her hair before putting on her weave but this time in a different style. She looked quite pleased with her new look, although the weave was still the same one with green highlights at the end.

When you look good, you feel even better and this could be said of the Housemates after their last hairdos. Hopefully tonight they will all feel good even though only one of them will be USD 300 000 richer.

Which of the Housemates has the best hairdo?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. We need to see the hairdo before commenting on it however. Dilish will remain beautiful as Melvin wins the money. Biggie honestly, Naija-Clor commend this Top5. So far they are the best. They deserve a special award. They truely love themselves. No .bitterness or blackstabbing this one week.