Saturday, August 24, 2013

Treat: Karaoke Stars

How have the Housemates kicked off their final evening inside of the Big Brother House? With a truck load of fun that is how!

Excitement does not even begin to describe how the Rubies felt today when they got a musical surprise courtesy of Biggie. There is nothing that the Housemates love more than to sing and dance, so when they got treated to a karaoke session, boy oh boy did they let loose.

Hilarity ensued when some of the vocally challenged Housemates, took to the mic. Melvin's rendition of Usher's 'Moving Mountains' and Dillish's take on Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' had their fellow Chasemates in stitches.

When R Kelly's 'Bump and Grind came on, the Housemates had an amusing group performance lead by Elikem. For most of the night, each and every one of the top five finalists took turns belting out their favourite tunes. Some of them held their own on the microphone but others we are not quite sure that what they were doing can even be considered singing, it sounded more like a creature of the night howling.

But then again karaoke is not about who is the best singer but it's about having fun with a capital F and that they certainly did!

Which one of the Housemates is your favourite karaoke singer?

By Lihle Jacobs

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