Thursday, August 01, 2013

Wager: Sweet Victory!

After toiling all week to ensure that their 100 percent Wager is secure for yet another week, the Chasemates scored a well-deserved Task Victory this evening.

Clearly hard work pays off and it does in a major way. The Chasemates put egos and personal issues aside and worked together as a unit for one common cause. Victory! As soon as the Task Presentation wrapped, the Housemates sat in the lounge eagerly awaiting Biggie's verdict.

"Did Housemates go all put to impress Big Brother this week? Yes they did," Biggie roared, eliciting a round of enthusiastic cheers and screams from the excited Housemates. As soon as the Store Room was opened, there was a mad dash for the goodies that awaited them. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when they found cartons of popcorn and alcohol, which signaled movie night.

Everyone then sat in the lounge and settled in for a movie called 'Cheaters'.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Biggie so hppy then, they presented well

  2. Up melvin d honorable! Hahahaha Bev to got talent dear.up nija frm Zim

  3. 9ja be very careful bcos dillish is using melvin head to get vote frm nigeria which is too bad of her. We west africa and naija is seeing dillish plan and her game but it won't work For her