Tuesday, August 06, 2013

We Miss Them

We’ve come to experience the sadness of lovers parting when one of the two is Evicted and has to leave a loved one behind. We’ve seen Cleo’s sadness when her beau Hakeem and last Sunday Feza had an emotional goodbye with her man Oneal. So remaining Housemates and lovers to Oneal and Pokello spoke about their lovers and how much they miss them.

Feza told Elikem and Melvin that things get really bad when you and your partner have been Nominated, you spend the whole week saying your goodbyes but eventually you comfort yourself. It all gets too hard for the lovers because the one partner’s game end while the other is left behind to carry on with their Chase.

Bimp reminded Elikem that the last time he saw Pokello was three weeks ago and he saw Oneal last night implying that he hadn’t seen his partner since The Chase began. You could tell from the look on his that Bimp truly misses his partner and he can’t wait to get back to her. And given that he hasn’t had any relationships in Biggie’s House, that is a clear indication of his commitment to the woman on the outside.

Feza expressed how frustrating it is when your lover leaves when you were both Nominated only to be on the chopping board the following week. “I told Oneal that in fact I might be right behind you,” she said laughing. It’s no surprise to see lovers leaving The Chase together or one after the other, the same thing happen to LK4 and Koketso who left together and the same can be said about Betty and Bolt leaving one after the other. Feza almost wanting to leave on the other hand, might be something new.

Who do you think Feza wants to leave this Sunday?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Most certain Fezarrd ČŠ̝̊̅§ leavin

  2. Oneal if u do nt marry feza then i woder want u want. That girl has it all and look at how she is without u. U can c she wants out she does nt just have the courage 2say it sunday plz pipo lets give her wish even bostwana we no u luv but i thick she luvs ur boy way 2much.

  3. Feza is a gud player but dat sadist oneal destroyd her game.Am happy despite dat d are all chasing d money,some of d real ones like Swt Melvin hav to call feza to go bak to d nice,lovin,entertainin beauty we all know n feza said tanks Melvin ur a darling!

  4. Faze u shld ve a thirst of it.u see wat elikem n pokello passed thru wen u n ur guy kept nominatin dem