Friday, August 09, 2013

We've Been In Here Too Long

If you heard the Chasemates tonight, you would have sworn they were locked up in a maximum security prison because their behaviour earlier on was that of prisoners. Beverly was talking to Elikem and Angelo when Angelo said “We’ve been here too long."

The conversation started shortly after Elikem and Feza set their individual records straight then tipsy Beverly told Elikem that she knows everything she does in the game but she won’t be telling them why she swapped Elikem. “I know why I swapped you,” she said slapping Elikem. Shortly after that thought, she expressed how she doesn’t know how her fellow country feels about her now that she’s dating a South African guy and not a Nigerian. But as she said it, you could tell that she didn’t really mind because her Chase brought her a man she now refers to as a husband.

Angelo chimed in and said that all these things are a result of the 74 days they’ve spent in Biggie’s House. “All I’m scared of is being on the outside, I don’t know how things will be when we leave here,” said the choreographer.

The reality is that The Chase will soon come to an end and all Housemates will be back to their normal lives, with new lovers added in their personal spaces. This simply means that they will have to deal with society after spending three months doing and saying things people didn’t necessarily like. And another one of Bengelo’s fears is how they will maintain their relationship on the outside, with all sorts of challenges waiting. That will possibly be their next Chase.

Do you think Bengelo will make it as a couple on the outside?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Noooooo. Angelo is just playing his game.

  2. Beverly is too young!!

    1. Bev is too young for what, she can go represent herself at court. She is an adult who can even sue you!! In short Agelo has a relationship outside the house, he told Bev she is with someone and claimed not to be fuss, fuss with that person.


  3. Am not sure they will
    Angelo seems to know what he is doing but Beverly mmmmh.......she could just be with Nando maybe it could be a nice couple!

  4. NO,Bev is too loose!he is sextype,not relationship type!

  5. They won't last at all,0angelo is too old for her,she's just a kid wth a whole lot of drama.

  6. No Bev is not a marriage material #finish and klaar