Thursday, August 15, 2013

What We'd Like To Change About Our Bodies

The Ruby House was filled with chitter chatter this evening but the most interesting conversation the Housemates had was about the imperfections of their bodies and what they would like to change.

It all started when the gorgeous Dillish grabbed Beverly’s towel from her and then realized that Beverly was not intimidated because she knew she had a hot body. “She doesn’t even care that I took her towel because she knows she’s a video vixen and her body is hot,” Dillish broadcasted to the gang. This was true of course as Beverly has always been seen around the House showing off her sexiness.

Although Dillish was envious, she made it clear that she doesn’t want a body like Beverly or banish
Maria’s because their bodies are too tiny but she would love to have a flatter tummy. Melvin jumped in and said that she has nothing to worry about and if Dillish was his girlfriend he would have no problems with her body because she is perfect.

Dillish then asked Melvin what he would like to change on his body and started listing his perfect body parts such as a killer six pack and well-toned arms and legs. He told the girls that he would like to be the way he was when he was competing for Mr Nigeria because he was a bit bigger then. Cleo told him that he was bigger because he was in a competition.

Cleo told Melvin not to say anything about her body because she’s a mother and has given birth and therefore her body has changed. Dillish put Cleo’s mind at ease and told her that she looks good for a woman who has a child and this made the Ice Queen smile.

When it came to Ethiopia’s Bimp, he told them that he likes a bit of handles on a woman’s body so he can have something to hold on to and that he would have loved to have more well-toned body but there’s nothing he can do about his body now. Clearly he’s accepted himself for who he is, the rest of them can learn a thing or two from him. Go Bimp.

Who do you think has gained the most weight while in Biggie’s House?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana