Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Why Do You Always End Up As A Runner-up?' - Melvin Asked

Apart from missing the $300,000 prize in the just concluded Big Brother Africa show, his diesire for Dillish yielded no fruit, Jayne Augoye writes

He was about Nigeria’s biggest hope of winning the Big Brother competition this year. But sadly, this was not to be, as, once more,   28-year-old Melvin Oduah’s dream of capturing yet another major reality show was dashed last Sunday. That was when he placed fourth in the competition.

Although he appears to have taken the defeat in good faith, fans of the Delta State-born model have taken to social media sites to express displeasure at the turn of events.

While he attracted empathy from certain quarters, the actor has also been receiving knocks from some bitter Nigerians who took to their Twitter handles, sarcastically posing the question, “Why do you always end up as a runner-up?”

Although their fear sounds superstitious, some may consider the feeling understandable, as the Big Brother Africa show,  this year, is said to be Melvin’s fourth attempt at attaining super stardom via a major competition.

He was the first runner-up in the Mr. Nigeria contest in 2011, first runner-up in Gulder Ultimate Search competition in 2009 and   fifth place winner in the Mr. Macho contest during his National Youth Service year in 2008.

It was thus a pitiable experience seeing the University of Port-Harcourt Chemistry graduate probably feigning a smile on Sunday. His failure to win was a major shocker to all and sundry, especially since he was tipped to win by a reasonable number of evicted housemates, who admired his calm mien.

More so, it appeared that the surviving housemates had so fallen in love with his character so much so, that they rarely ever nominated him for eviction.

The only time he was up for eviction was when he sacrificed himself as the Head of House, after swapping himself up for nomination with a nominated housemate.

That singular gesture earned him the love and sympathy of many Africans who voted to save him. Also, Melvin appeared to be loved by all.

Former Big Brother winner, Uti Nwachukwu, openly campaigned for him via his social media accounts. After the final results were announced, Uti, tweeted, “I am forever proud of Melvin! Best behaved housemate in the history of Big Brother Africa! All seasons! His star has only begun to shine.”

 Dousing claims that the results were manipulated in Dellish’s favour, Uti added, “I’m glad she won! And Melvin wasn’t robbed o .West Africa’s chances were slim and no one was willing to sacrifice.”

Besides failing to win the star prize money, another area where the Nigerian hunk lost out is the failure to secure the heart and love of  Namibian beauty and winner, Dillish Matthews.

Although in-house romances appeared to have been the downfall of many of the contestants this year, it was apparent that Melvin had a soft spot for Dillish, a first runner up in the Miss Universities pageant held in Benin in 2012.

Yet, Dilish stood her ground, refusing to compromise or cheat on Stephen, her lover of four years. Despite numerous romantic gestures and attempts to flirt with Dillish, she wouldn’t bulge.

In the end, she won more votes than Beverley, Melvin, Elikem and Cleo in the final week, to scoop the $300,000 prize and become the third woman to win a season of Big Brother Africa.

Speaking in an online video interview on the Big Brother website immediately after the finals, Melvin thanked Dillish for all the lessons she had taught him.

By Jayne Augoye / Punch


  1. Biggie u can now stop posting tinz on Melvin anyhow cos his now A MINISTER OF YOUTH DEVELOPMT in address him well as Hon. Melvin Oduah Minister fed Republic of Nija.

  2. Melvin, you are a good guy. Your star will shine. Don't let BBA define you. Though you did not win the cash, you are deeply rooted in the heart of many. Just like u always say in your diary sessions, what will be will be. Don't forget to truly thank God from your heart for the opportunity. Let them say what they want to say, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Stay fly.

  3. Why for heaven's sake would anyone badmouth Melvin? His time would sure come and it would be big time
    It is one thing to win such a huge amount of money, it is another to be wise and mature enough to spend it wisely. Money has wings you know.... So the bible says. Just like a bird, if u don't guard it firmly and carefully, it flies away before you know it.

    Melvin, We are proud of you no matter what. This is just a stage. Your time would sure come with big mouth watery testimonies. TRUST GOD!

  4. Omawumi B.OweghoroAug 29, 2013, 3:14:00 PM

    Ever Proud of γφυ guy, γφυ stood Џσuя ground never †̥ defile yourself, γφυ made we the deltans proud, don't allow anybody †̥ make γφυ feel inferior, γφυ'я̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ still the most well behaved housemate bigbrother ever had, very soon, γφυ will surely get ther, keep faith, keep shinning, don't give up

  5. Those who are asking such questions are obviously the biggest fool on earth. Any right thinking human being will know that its God that lift pple up and not d other way round. At his age, and in a country like Nigeria where there is little or no opportunity, Melvin has done very well, those that are criticising his success, because I won't call it failure, what have they too achieved, nothing am sure. Melvin, u have done very well both for urself, family and ur country. We will forever be proud of you. Hold on to your faith, God will do more for u. We luv you and we will always support u.

  6. Melvin u re d winner all d same congratulation to my second best house mate dillish.

  7. Melvin u are d best above all, God know's d best 4 u. Luv u

  8. Melvin u are d best above all, God know's d best 4 u. Luv u

  9. Eeeehyaaa Because they do not know God they ask stupid question. Melvin baby don't worry God will answer those losers one by one. is only a matter of time, you will be bigger than $300. God bless your mother that brought you up well, you are our hero.

  10. Melvin, your star has just begin. Wining big brother is not the ultimate but wining big brother induction and staying in the house for at least five weeks to sale your self, which you did for 13 weeks, the sky is your limit my brother. Gidone did not win Big brother but look at him today, same thing with Abuka, the sky is your limit malvin. Carry go. Your on point.

  11. Love u Melvin, u made us proud.

  12. Love u Melvin, u made us proud.

  13. There is no difference between Melvin and Biguesas they are both boring the only thing that kept him in the house for 91 days was because housemates were afraid to nominate him and ev sucking up to so called Nigerian influence which is just a myth.

    1. My sentiments exactly, he ws boring till the last day not memorable at all

  14. If U say Melvin
    is boring what will now say abt Delish. Why can't we tell ourselves the truth, Uti has said it all west Africa chances were so slim as we have 3 housemate in the house but not withstanding melvin deserves to take the cash. Will always Love U Melvin