Sunday, September 01, 2013

BBA Prize Money Will Change My Life

Dillish, the Namibian winner of the just concluded Big Brother show tells 'NONYE BEN-NWANKWO about her experience.

How do you feel winning the Big Brother show?

I feel great. Winning the money is a great opportunity. It is a lifetime experience in the house. The money is going to change my life. I am so grateful to Africa and to God. It is a perfect feeling.

Did you ever think you would become the winner?

I didn’t think I would become the winner.  As you know, they said I was the underdog in the house. I didn’t see myself as the winner, but things changed for me, especially the week I was up for eviction alongside Angelo and Bimp. Africa saved me that week and that was when I realised I might have an impact out there.

You were one of the few housemates that didn’t get into any relationship. Why?

I made up my mind I wasn’t going into any relationship. It was the initial plan. Even before I got in, I made it very clear in the introductory video that I have somebody out there who is very special in my life and I wasn’t looking for love. When I walked into the house the first day, I told them I wasn’t interested in any relationship and they shouldn’t try me. I was already in a relationship of four years and I wasn’t going to give it up for anybody in the house.

Now that you have so much money, won’t it affect your relationship?

It will certainly not affect the relationship. My boyfriend is quite successful. The money is basically for me and my family and my future. It shouldn’t affect my relationship at all.

Who was your greatest rival in the house?

All the housemates were my competitors. They were all strong rivals. At the beginning, Bolt got on my nerves, but somehow, we made peace. I got along with everybody. It was easy connecting with them.

Why did you decide to be part of the BBA?

I have always been a fan of the show. I wanted to be a part of it last year, but something stopped me. This year, a friend got the form and filled it for me. I went for the audition and Big Brother chose me. I think it was my time and my destiny this year. I am so happy that I experienced it and won.

What do you hope to achieve in future?

I am ready for anything. I am thinking of getting into radio or TV or anything that has to do with entertainment. I am just taking it step by step. I am ready to start-up my career in entertainment.

Was there a time you felt like leaving the house?

Oh yes. The first time I got nominated was my lowest moment in the house. I got nominated the second week and I thought I should go and ring the bell and tell Big Brother I wanted to go home. But something spoke to me and I decided to stay back.

How easy was it to survive in the house?

It wasn’t easy at all. In the outside world, we are so used to our mobile phones, to the extent that we even sleep with them. I missed my freedom and being able to watch TV.  But in all, it was a good experience.

By 'Nonye Ben-Nwankwo / Punch


  1. oho still in shock that lazy dillish won . hmm biggie u really ch......t oh

    1. True. U r crowned on Melvin s Prize. Baby dull!!

  2. Love you dellicious deserved it.....:-)

  3. Sooo happy that Dillish won. Stay true to yourself is the words from this pretty girl. Haters go sniff the dust.....

  4. Congratulations once more Dillish.

  5. Dillish lik Ʊ sd it Ѡas ur time 4 Ʊ τ̲̅ȍ shine,ur story į̸̸̨§ just dt of God with him rules&protocols are broken. Whn God wnts to do his thing. Its just an unmerited favour. May d lord open ur eyes to spend ur money wisely. HaPpy 4 Ʊ dear

  6. th sky s ur limit dillish....

  7. Happy 4 u girl don't 4get 2 give 10% 2 GOD


  8. Her mother says Dillish's father is a Kenyan.

  9. Your ability to keep your pride as a woman got you there. Congrats and goodluck

  10. Beauty with no brain. U only won coz u did nt have any issue with anybdy. We also know that it was yo plan n boyfriend to flirt with every man in the house to win the money. However it did nt really work coz fell in love with Melvin. Pls dnt fool us around. U love wealth!

  11. U are d fakest housemate ever in Bba history. D only reason u were given that money was bc u were crying an begging Africa to gv u a house as if u were homeless in spite that u have a rich bf who also read psychology. So both u and your sugar daddy played a mind game on d guys. U will surely get your reward bc your sugar daddy will dump u after he has used u to market his business an make enough money. He will dump u for another fresher. U were given Melvin's money. Why did u ask melvin to pray when biggie asked u to say one word to each housemates. It's bc u knew about d rigging. Melvin will make ten times what d stole from him an gave to u. He won d Au one campaign and also UN ambassador. Who cared about u in that house except melvin gut u took his kindness for foolishness. U will crave for a man life him in your lifetime but u wnt see. Keep following sugar daddy already u are looking 30yrs instead of 22yrs. Ask your friend Maria to leave melvin alone. U can only deceive yourself but not Africa bc even your bf knows that u fell for melvin. Lerato- sa