Friday, September 13, 2013

Cleo Ready To Give It A Go With Hakeem

Zambia’s representative in the just-ended continental reality show Big Brother Africa The Chase Clementine Mulenga aka Cleo Ice Queen, has finally voiced out about her love affair with Hakeem from Zimbabwe.

Cleo who arrived in the Country on Wednesday afternoon last week said her being a big girl, she can easily decide what she wants in her life.

She was responding to a question during a media briefing at Sun International Hotel in Lusaka, when asked how far her relationship with Hakeem would last.

”I can’t say a thing for now will just wait and see what the outside world has for us.

“I’m a big girl and I can decide what is best for me,” she said.

During her stay in the house Cleo and Hakeem had fallen in love and promised each other to be together outside the Big Brother House and after getting evicted she told I.K that she meant what she had said in the house

Cleo further stressed out that Hakeem being in Zimbabwe and her in Zambia she will eventually and find a way of closing the gap.


  1. What surpise people are saying pokelo is a sugar ,wat abt Cleo is older than Hakeem . Is it people are jelous of Pokello . How can someone be a sugar mama wen u a only hve 3 yrs different . Me and my hubby I am. 3 years older and we are happy and we hve been married for 15yrs Haters go hag

  2. I luv this union... really mizin my ice queen

  3. Naija-Clor-pocobIa is of the opinion that if truely Hakeem had a relationship with Huddah when Cleo was Still in the house, cleo should not continue with the r/ship with him because he will not be a faithful husband

  4. cleo dnt cum in zim........ Ask dhadza D coz Mvura hakuna Magetsi hakuna

  5. I think hakeem is playing cleo so I would say that cleo find someone else ' n enjoy her life 'n 4get about the playboy I'm realy dissapointed in hakeem I used to love their relationship 'n cherish them