Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Denrele Reveals More On How Helped Beverly Enter The Chase

Nigeria's representative at this season's edition of Big Brother 'The Chase' Beverly and Melvin did a little tour of Abuja radio stations in company of Denrele, Uti, Selly from Ghana and made a major stop at hot 98.3 Abuja where Denrele revealed he helped Beverly fill her form which earned her the spot to represent Nigeria at the competition.

Most people had expressed disgust at Big Brother's choice of Beverly as Nigeria's representative, arguing that she is not a representation of a true 'Nigerian Girl'...

Denrele says "I had a lot of people come to me during the 'Beverly season' funny thing is that we filled Beverly form in Goldie's house, Goldie was in U.S. at the time, I had filled 12, then another 12 infact close to like 50 people, everybody had their own personality and I had to make it special for everyone.

'In her (Beverly) own case, I kept telling her oya (sic) start writing, she was a little non-challant, before we even got Beverly to write it was difficult, others took it seriously, we just need people to give us that extra push in this country which is what we lack, the industry is wide enough for everyone.

Big Brother House mate Oneal from Botswana was quoted to have said 'he was in the studio and they came to pick him up for the Competition'

via Vanguard, Nigeria


  1. So what's this all about? The chase has finished and Nigerian didn't won so what's with who help who fill form.

    1. shout ur mouth, much u comment if u don't understand.ignore n stop saying rubbish

    2. exactly oh...

  2. I wonder oo, I even tot since d show has ended nd dey ve closed d two channel dey shld also close dis dia account on fb. Jobless pigs

  3. Just passing bt seriously,there is no point for this post,,,gie gie gie

  4. Please they should end this topic ,there's no use discussing past issues.

  5. Naija-Clor-POCOBIA wants to know why you did not tutor her on common Nigeria. moral value before sending her there? You need to be careful on whom you send to represent Naija next time. Ok!