Friday, September 06, 2013

Elikem Expected In Harare Today To Meet Pokello's Family

Big Brother Africa (BBA): The Chase housemates Pokello Nare and Elikem "The Tailor" Kumordzie, who built a relationship while in the house, will todyay take their relationship a step further when Elikem meets his future in-laws.

The traditional gesture, common among couples set for marriage, could mean that the lovebirds are determined to settle together as family.

Elikem is expected to land at Harare International Airport at midday to meet his future in-laws and fans who voted for him during his stay in the BBA house.

Pokello met Elikem's mother in South Africa after the BBA finale.

In an exclusive telephone interview from Ghana, Elikem said he was excited about his debut Zimbabwe tour.

"Coming to Zimbabwe is something I have always wanted to do and I am happy it is about to happen. Finally I will also get to meet Pokello's mum and her family," Elikem said.

"After the eviction show, I spoke to Pokello's mum and have been looking forward to meeting her ever since. She seems to like me judging by her responses on the phone."

Elikem said he was looking forward to meeting his fans in Zimbabwe who showed love for him when he was in BBA.

"I am looking forward to meeting my fans in Zimbabwe who showed love for me through their support. When I left BBA, I was actually looking forward to going to Zimbabwe more than I was looking forward to going to my home town because of the love Zimbabweans had shown me."

He said his relationship with Pokello was going on well and was actually better than what he expected.

"So far so good, our relationship is actually better than what I expected. My mum likes Pokello so much. Pokello will also be coming to Ghana soon to meet my family," Elikem said.

Commenting on her boyfriend's visit, Pokello said she was excited that Elikem's dream was about to come true.

"When we were in the house, Elikem always used to tell me that he wanted to come to Zimbabwe, so I'm happy that his wish will soon be fulfilled. He has always wanted to talk to and meet my mum and I'm glad he will finally meet her on Friday," Pokello said.

Pokello added that depending on her dad's availability, Elikem would also meet him when he visits Bulawayo on Saturday.

Besides meeting the future in-laws, Elikem will attend two parties, one at Bleu cocktail lounge in Harare today evening and another at Horizon lounge in Bulawayo on Saturday evening.

In Bulawayo, Elikem will, together with Pokello, give back to the community by donating goods to Thembiso Children's Home in Luveve and spending time with the children on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, Elikem will have the opportunity to meet and interact with fans who voted for him during his stay in the BBA house at the Kebab Centre in the capital.

The Tailor will be taken on a tour of Harare on Monday where he will be taken to the Heroes' Acre and national monuments to have an appreciation of the country.

Meanwhile, Team Pokello has arranged free transport for fans that are interested in welcoming Elikem at the airport. A coach will collect fans from the National Art gallery.

via NewsDay, Zimbabwe


  1. Wishing you two all the best. Bu, shockingly, by me, Pokello seems to have such a bad taste in that department. There are way better men out there girl who deserve a classy lady like you. And Elikem is even worse off than Stunner. The way he went about throwing snacks into his mouth and talking with his mouth full, drinking champagne like water the day they had a date in the rendezvous room had me gagging. No class whatsoever. Well, maybe he will be sensitive towards etiquette in general as he grows up. He is still a baby anyway. My view.

  2. He might not have 'class' bt the fact that he loved her knowing abt the sex tapes says a lot abt him lets give them a chance

    1. Hey! Love has got nothing to do with class. It's a mind thing and a feeling you can't explain. Once there's love, evry other thing will follow. Go with ur heart girl but pls, Elikem, treat her like the queen she is and don't mind that pig that called himself her former boyfriend. Wish you both well.

  3. Sure let's give them chance

  4. Who is dt fool dt says Elikem does not hv class,dt his throwing food in his mouth,is dt hw u mesure class,ok,let go bck in dt same big brother house,pokello chews chicken bone like a dog dt hv nvr seen chicken b4.pls u fool leave them alone sodt thy will enjoy d love thy u pokello & Elikem.supported by Niaja carry go guys dnt mind bad belle people.pray u guys get married so dt all dose fools wll close their mouth

    1. Thanks for reminding me of how Pokello chews her food. Temmet! They suit each other looooolest!

  5. Kikikikikiki chewing bones like a dog aaaa nnnnooooooo I love you polikkem

  6. I don't believe Elikem is in ℓ♥√ع wit pokello,dat guy is just a greedy small boy,he's just going for tourism and nothing mur

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