Friday, September 06, 2013

How Cleo's Welcome Bash Went At Polo Grill Last Friday

It was a long awaited night for Big Brother fans who overcrowded Lusaka’s Polo Grill last Friday in order to have a closer glimpse or possible interaction with Zambian envoy to the reality show Cleo Ice Queen.

The venue was filled to capacity by 19:00 hours with budding musical artists entertaining the audience as they waited for Cleo in anticipation.

After various artists had performed, Cleo emerged from the audience with her gregarious persona reflecting the perfect description of her rap abilities.

She delivered a fast-paced lyrical rap to the audience who cheered her crafty and enthusiastic music skill. Though her performance was brief, Cleo thanked the fans for supporting her during Big Brother and also for turning up in big numbers at her welcome back party.

She then left the stage for upcoming artists who treated the audience to an array of raw talent that got Cleo where she is now.

Soon after, the Big Brother Africa celebrity bounded onto the stage with renowned Zambian music star JK and talented guitarist Eveva, together they thrilled the audience to the max.

The impressive audience billowed up to the balcony level as they welcomed the artists in an ear-drum shattering style.

With such a crowd-pleasing performance the show was quickly in full motion as revelers threw themselves onto the dance floor.

The atmosphere of the venue was electric with a crowd that was high on life and ready to party.

Although her welcome bash and performance was a hit it would have been made complete if Sulu had made an appearance. This point was brought home at one stage when the audience requested the master of ceremony to call Sulu on the stage to sing his Ruby song.

Notable singers who made an appearance at the night spot include Danny, CQ, Leo Muntu, Hamooba and Secret Records’ J-dash featuring Mic Burner with her hit rap song titled Sosende.

By Choolwe Himaambo / Zambia Daily Mail

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