Sunday, September 01, 2013

I Don't Fall In Love....BBA Is My Last Reality Show - Melvin

Melvin, the Nigerian housemate at the just concluded Big Brother show tells ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about his experience.

Did you enjoy your stay at the Big Brother house?

It was a wonderful experience. I couldn’t have wished for another. It. Was just two of us that were chosen. It is an atmosphere that you learn a lot of things. I learnt a lot of things in three months that I have not been able to learn in the 28 years of my life. It was well worth it.

There was a nomination show that you were nominated for eviction yet you didn’t use your power as the head of house to save yourself and put up another person, why?

In BBA, you have to do what you have to do. It was a very difficult decision for me. But I just had to do it that way. I couldn’t think of any housemate that I could swap and put up for eviction. I had already seen what happened to Hakeem. I just had to tell Big Brother to leave the list as it was.

What if you had been evicted in the process?

In life, you have to take risks. That was a risk I took. I was ready for the consequences. But I thank God I wasn’t evicted.

You were always exhibiting drama and displaying so much emotion each nomination day that you had to save and swap somebody. Was it all strategy?

Let me tell you, there was nothing I did in that house that was strategy. I was real. Whatever you saw me display in the house was very natural, that is who I am. Swapping somebody in the house wasn’t an easy thing for me to do each time I was head of house.

You were perceived as Melvin the nice guy in the house. Don’t you think your niceness worked against you?

It is an awesome thing if I am perceived as a nice guy. Nothing was fake. It is the same me that you see. I don’t think it worked against me either.

What went on your mind when you were evicted?

I was already prepared for it. We were told that our names would be called one after the other. It is all good. When I heard my name, I took it in good fate.

Do you think you were cheated out of the show?

I don’t think so. Remember that Nigeria has won it three times. I am sure they felt we dominated the show.

You were attracted to Selly and later to Dillish. Who were you really attracted to?

I don’t fall in love and I didn’t see myself falling in love in the house. Love just doesn’t happen. For me, love is a gradual process. That was why I didn’t ‘toast’ anybody.

First it was Gulder Ultimate Search and later Mr. Nigeria and now Big Brother. Do we see you go into any competition again?

Ah! I have tried o. I am not the only one in Nigeria. I don’t intend to go into any other competition. I would just use this platform I have now to move my career. I have been finishing as a runner up in all this shows. But I am not jinxed. It is not easy to be in this competition. It has a little bit of psychological effect on you but it is all good. That you didn’t finish first doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. I look at the positive side. I will not sulk but I will keep doing what I have to do.

What do you intend to do after now?

I am going to take my acting career to greater heights. I was an actor before I got into the house. I think that my acting career will go up.

Are you happy that only the winner takes it all in the show?

I don’t know why it is like that but that has been the format of the show. The winner has won the prize and I am happy for her.

Did you want her to win?

I was routing for myself. I wanted to win the money. But then, she is a wonderful person. Her story is interesting. I can only wish her well.

By ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo / Punch


  1. Well said Hon.Melvin Oduah! Minister 4 youth Development Fed.Republic of Nija.Mr Nice Man.

  2. Nice said Melvin, u will live long n prosper.

  3. U always b d best my Guy wth a good heart.people like u is wht we need as our leader.God wll bless u more than u can imagine

  4. I admire ur person, keep dt spirit alive nd things wil work out in ur favor. Gudluck dear, wil b watchin out for u.

  5. U the winner Melvin even if u didn't won the amount, u rich in heart

  6. Honourable, hmmm!!! Like d sound of dat. Wish u all d best my dearest honourable Melvin.

  7. Melvin you won even though you didn,t win the money.You are a star shine on.

  8. Melvin u have a nice heart. May God uplift u beyond what u expect.Amen

  9. Melvin you have been defeated by our Dilisious baby pls stay quiet

    1. U are a big fool

    2. Dillish knows very well that her poverty story telling made Bba rig d vote for her bc she knows that Melvin defeated her hands down. Her begging Bba to buy her a house made them rig d votes cuz she was d less privileged among d top five. She used her cherise strategy very well an her drama on d last Saturday combine wt her as a psychologist student worked for her.

  10. Melvin God will bless you,u re really a nice person.I doffed a cap for u.kip d flag flying.u re my winner come rain come sun.


  12. Melvoooo Naija-Clor-POCOBIA de salute you. We are proud of you our Ambasasdor

  13. Melvin Darling you are so so loved, I know God will compensate you beyond the price money, just wait and see.

  14. Melvin we love u! U remain my no 1 winner.God bless u abundantly AMEN

  15. Melvin u are d clear winner bc even Bba knows that and that is why d are doing everything to Pls u and nigerians. As u said, d felt that nigerians were dominating d show an had to give it to a different country but d failed to realise that u can't keep a good man down. D are not having pea e themselves bc u can't cheat a God's chosen an sleep well at night. Pls come back for all star just like Uti did. We love an miss u.

  16. U didn't plan to fall in love dear but u later developed deep feelings for Dillish even thou both of u tried to hide it. Let things work out naturally btw u an dnt force it. Also Maria is not a solution here bc u will only ruin ur good reputation Pls be wise. Stop putting other people first in ur life an consider urself first before anyone else bc no one will do d same. U have bright future an career, Pls dnt let Maria destroy it for u bc her desperation is scaring. If u weren't interested in d house why be interested outside d house, is it to Pls some few people? Pls put urself first before anyone else bc no matter what u do people will still talk an dnt let people think dat u are too soft or dnt have a mind of ur own by going for Maria. U are d true winner of Bba chase.