Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Dumped Stunner For Elikem Because He Is Better

27 year old Pokello Nare and Zimbabwean rep in the last edition of BBA has told a Ghana radio station that she dumped rapper, Stunner, because she felt that Elikem was a "better man."

She said that when she went into the Big Brother Africa House she was still very much involved with the rapper but she was swept off her feet by the Ghanaian. She was asked if she would dump Elikem if another better man came along.

Pokello said: "This is it. I'm not looking beyond Elikem."

Pokello said she was not worried about the age difference. She is 27 and Elikem is only 24. She said she did not feel the age difference because Elkim wore the trousers in the relationship. "He is the boss."

Meanwhile, in August, Stunner admitted to being a playboy and that he ill-treated his ex-girlfriend and former Big Brother housemate Pokello Nare with whom he recorded a sex tape.

Speaking during his performance at the Lion Lager Activation Campus Nights held at Hillside Sports Club in Mutare in August this year, the Godo hit maker, openly confessed that his affair with Pokello was over because he was two-timing.

"Ini Stunner ndini one rapper ane staira anorambwa paTV but people do not know why I was dumped. I was dumped because of the way I treated her. Zvinorwadza sei kutsvoda pari kutsvoda mumwe munhu, kuitwa painkiller kupedza musoro watenderedza nemumwe munhu. That's why I was dumped," said Stunner.

However, Pokello, who arrived in Ghana on Tuesday for a two-week visit, said she was looking forward to "Elikem's welcome party at Aphrodisiac Nite Club," and will also be "meeting all my fans in Ghana."

Touching on their relationship, Pokello said she is ready to marry Elikem "as soon as he pays my bride price," and that the bride price only costs "a few thousands."


  1. Must you tell us her age to start with?

  2. I feel sorry for you pokello because elikem doesn't love you, he is after something.

    1. u are stupid for saying such a word. Cant u tell when two peole are in love? Jealous he or she goat

  3. I like that girl....stop jelours pple..

  4. POkello knows what she wants ............

  5. 24yrs and 27yrs calculate, it does'nt come to 3yrs even so what's the hallabalooo, fact is we have 2 beutiful lovers. Pokello - woman of integrity

  6. Age is nothing but a number, even if Elikem dsnt luv her its fyn, who r we to judge? They say God made us to meet the wrong people before we can meet the right one. Pls those who r judgmental stop it caus love is love

  7. Pokelo is a strong woman to had over come that Stupid Stunner with that his big and horse like penis. I wonder if another lady can with stand that electric pole size rod of his. He should go to hell.Detrator like him

  8. love u pokello..from cameroon