Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm Not A Controversial Person - Beverly

She is Nigeria’s latest favourite having represented the country at the just concluded Big Brother Africa contest where she was a finalist. She was hosted in Abuja recently and ROTIMI IGE brings excerpts from the interview.

I feel like the camera in the Big Brother House didn’t do you justice because you look better in person.
I have heard that a lot.

For the sake of those that do not know you, say something about yourself?
I am Beverly Osu, I represented Nigeria in the Big Brother season 8 the chase (BBA). I was the only house mate never to be nominated.

You would have had a plan in life before the Big Brother contest  came, what did you used to do?
Before Big Brother, I was into entertainment. Big Brother Africa was just a platform for me to do what I wanted to do. Before now, I wanted to be an actress, I wanted to be a reverend sister, but things did not just work out the way I planned it.

Talking about BBA, in the house you were very controversial, was that you or were you displaying your game plan to win the game?
Going to the house, I didn’t have any plan or strategy. I just went in there. While in the house, I used to be blunt every time, it used to be me living my normal life. The controversial side, I don’t know because I used to be a very sweet person.

In the house, it was observed that in most of your conversations, you always brought up topics about your friend, Charity...
She is my best friend.

Like you grew up together?
No, we are just friends, you know we don’t ask for friendship but I just know that we became friends and from best friends we have been family friends and then my manager.

What do you miss about the house?
Free food!

It was observed that you eat a lot...
Not me, I cook but I don’t eat a lot. Cooking then was just to while away time.

When you were in the house, you were never up for an eviction? How did you achieve that?
I didn’t do anything. I know that people picked my name but I wasn’t bothered because I also got to pick one or two people. I knew when Natasha or anybody else picked me for eviction but I understood it was just a game. However, I was generally liked in the house because I’m a people’s person.

It is like your birthday is coming, tell us when is your birthday?
27th of September 

Any birthday flowers?
Not yet

You think Angelo is coming right?
He has to, he has to try.

In the House, both of you fell in love, how do you plan to make it work?
Me and Angelo were so business minded people, we think alike, we  do a lot of things together. We have projects we are working on together so, it was much like we went to BBA as individuals but we didn’t come there to mark time. And now, we have a platform we have to use. Now, he is in his country but when there is something to do, we  will go together. It is not that we won’t have our time but it’s more of the business because we all came for something in our lives and since we have gotten  the opportunity, we should use it right.

So what is next for Beverly?

 School, my career-acting, so many things in next year let me feel I’m not sure what to say next because my voice is Ok

You sing?
I’m not sure of it yet 

By Rotimi Ige / Nigerian Tribune


  1. Carry go girl,de sky is jst ur starting point.

  2. I love u Bev,our makoti!

  3. Go back to school and stop deceiving yourself

  4. Wats ur own,if she dnt want school is it ur business.Pls go get a life u hypocrites.

  5. U Nigerian hypocrite pls close ur mouth if u dnt hav anything to say.Most Americans are drop outs bt successful,schooling is nt de ultimate in life so let her be.Naija for life.