Friday, September 06, 2013

Pokello Is My Taste - Elikem

The love story which seems to be brewing from the just ended Big Brother Africa The Chase reality show between Ghanaian Elikem and Zimbabwean Pokello reportedly started when Elikem realized that Pokello was his taste when it comes to women.

In an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE the fashion designer and actor revealed that his kind of woman is “the Pokello type of woman - hard to get, fresh to death, and lady in heels-.”

“Pokello is kind of ‘Man’ in her own words. She is tall and muscular. I believe I also have some of these qualities. In her talking with me, she ended up saying how much I was her kind of man and stuff like that. If she is my kind of woman and I’m her kind of man, then what else can go wrong?” Elikem the Tailor, as he is popularly known, noted.

Elikem who is currently in Zimbabwe with Pokello, was putting things together for his welcome party at the Aphrodisiac Night Club on September 13 when we caught up with him for this interview before leaving for Zimbabwe. He recounted that when he first entered the Big Brother house in South Africa, he thought Tanzania’s Feza was a nice girl but “I was wrong. I tried to talk to her, it didn’t work because apparently her excuse was I was younger than her and her culture does not except that. But later I got to find out that she actually liked me, she just wanted me to push harder and I wasn’t ready to sacrifice like that.”

Pokello who on the other hand was in the Ruby house caught Elikem Kumordzi’s eye when he moved to that house. Her character, beauty and physique could not go unnoticed.

“When I went to the Ruby house, I saw Pokello and she was someone worth pushing for so I pushed and things turned out good,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean beauty Pokello is expected to arrive in Ghana for Elikem’s welcome party. The two love birds have agreed to take their relationship one step at a time and see how things turn out for them.

By NEWS-ONE, Ghana


  1. gooodlife,just take a good step for yursef,and get married,mind you life is 10% wat you make it and 90%how uuu take it,every tin might not fall in place as uu guys expected,depends on ur determination

  2. Love ur guys,just remeba dat dere's always tough time but in all God's direction is d greatest.wish u lucks