Friday, September 27, 2013

Prezzo Vehemently Denies Claims That He Is Running Away From The Police!

Last Saturday morning before the Westgate attack that claimed a lot of lives, it was alleged that CMB Prezzo was a man on the run, a fugitive.

It was asserted  that the rapper had assaulted a Swiss army officer with a gun and the gunfight could have gotten very ugly had his bodyguards not restrained him.

They say that there are two sides to every story and Prezzo came out to refute claims that there was a gun involved.Speaking to Nation via phone, the rapper said as he tried to drive out of the parking lot, a white guy hurled racial slurs at him calling him a blonde monkey. This infuriated the rapper so much that he punched the guy adding that he reacted that way because "You can insult me the way you want, but when it comes to race, I cannot take the matter lightly."

He then dismissed reports that he was an outlaw saying:

"Rumor has it tht iam in trouble & running frm the law. This are nothing but rumours, iam a free law abiding citizen mourning my country."

By Sue Watiri / Ghafla, Kenya


  1. Prezoooo learn to be humble for once

  2. hope the white buffoon learnt a lesson