Saturday, October 05, 2013

Annabel Graces The Cover Of Top Kenyan Magazine!

She shies away from controversy thanks to her strong Christian background and deals with issues maturely like for example her reaction to her leaked shower hour photos. This is what she said about her photos that were leaked to the internet "It was inevitable I was not running around naked showcasing my body. Showering does not make me a bad person. It is about confidence. Going into the house was not showcasing breasts or lovemaking."

She has star quality and was chosen to grace the  cover of one of the most popular NMG publications, Salon Magazine.

Here is Annabel on the cover of the October Issue of Salon  magazine.


  1. U do. Have de face .u look so so beautifull ..Angelo did cay u got de face.

  2. She is beautiful but attitude is Zero n she is a heavy pretender she decided not talk to Bev cos of Angelo and even carried the grudge outside the house. #childish#