Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Annabel Talks About Her Ideal Man

Kenya's Annabel Mbaru may have not bagged the 300 00 USD but this girl made her country proud by towing the line as far as morality is concerned thanks to her strict Christian background.

She was not only mature in the house but also outside the housed when faced with the biggest problem female contestants in this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa  dubbed  The Chase faced, leaked shower hour photos.

Annabel’s interests include philosophical literature and fashion, owning even her own label Anna Banana.

Annabel was little known before her stint at Big Brother Africa but now Miss Mbaru has earned a lot of zealous fans and of course truck loads of admirers.

So what kind of men is Annabel into? “I am into clean cut men. The metrosexuals, just in case you are wondering. They groom well and are well put”

By Sue Watiri / Ghafla, Kenya


  1. go gal u re hot

  2. Luv U gal(annie)

  3. What morality? She is a drunkard, she must thank Angelo for not taking her offer.

  4. Wt morals she is a drunk, can't even cover her body well mtchew

  5. Go girl Naija-Clor loves true Africa woman with good moral