Thursday, October 03, 2013

Beverly and Melvin Cover New Issue Of Complete Fashion Magazine

For the October 2013 issue of Complete Fashion Magazine, the team got the Big Brother Africa: The Chase stars Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah on the cover.

Themed Revelations, there is no denying that the Nigerian finalists thrilled Africa at the fun show with their risque actions and racy scenes.

On the cover, Beverly Osu strikes her best pose under white sheets. She speaks on her famous acts in the house and what she hopes to achieve in the nearest future.

On the reverse cover, Melvin Oduah is absolutely Cool. He tells the mag about his life in the BBA house, his plans in the entertainment industry and his life as a model.


  1. Una de crassy. How una go put Beverly picture for" Cover" and Melvins wee be Naija true representative for "Revise Cover". You magazine people owes Naija an appology. Beverly messed herself up and so does not desever publicity. Bad role model. For those of you "Her Deciever"go ahead and compliment her instead of you to advise her to go back to school. Naija-clor wants her to be a better girl tomorrow

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