Thursday, October 03, 2013

Beverly's Angelo Replies Nigerian Girl Who Called Him A Mad Man

So a so-called Veronica took to twitter to insult Angelo, she probably was seeking for attention maybe..because she mentioned the dude..

She said Angelo looked like a mad man, someone high on too much weed...

See his reply below..


  1. This is so boring, r u out of news or what? I m so bored now for real. Please get a life!

  2. Angelo and Beverly have very close resemblance.

  3. @ologbo,its ur boy frnd dat luks lik a mad man.stupid veronica,u guys jst open ur mouth to say shit abt som1.Get a life u ologbo girl,shud in case u don't no Olgbo means a dirty bush meat.snh

  4. People should please leave Angelo alone. The guy's cool. Pls let him be.

  5. I met him in person he is so cool

  6. Take him to Karimo or Gwoza market to get second clothes so that he can look clean and smart. For his hair, I thank God am not sitting next to him. If Beverly loves this her sex partner, she must brush him up. Period

    1. let me tell you one thing Angelo is one of the cleanes dued dear he is clean even he wear second clothes,you go with that bad smell of you,go take a shower and talk about others,please get a life