Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Come Back Home Pokello - Zim Fans

Pokello Nare's long stay in Ghana with her boyfriend Elikem Kumordzi has raised eyebrows among her fans who said culturally she is setting a bad example amid fears she could be cohabiting. Traditionally, Pokello was not supposed to stay with her boyfriend until she marries. But so far, the two lovebirds have been gallivanting in Ghana, club hopping and cosying up as seen on the pictures posted on her Facebook page.

It has been more than three weeks since she left Zimbabwe for Ghana where, among other things, she is eking out a living through making appearances at private parties and clubs.

Apparently, the "Queen of Swag" wants to venture into clothing business together with her beau.

"I think she has overstayed in Ghana. According to our culture, it is not acceptable for a woman to elope let alone overstay at a boyfriend's house.

"Yes, you can visit your boyfriend's house for formal introductions for two or three days.

"What we are seeing is a bad example of Zimbabwean culture.

"Maybe the Ghanian tradition is different, but as Africans we share a lot in common.

"Imagine she is a role model and what example is she setting to the young girls?" said one fan.

She blasted Pokello for "cohabiting".

"It is unacceptable and not a reflection of Zimbabwean culture or tradition," she said.

Another fan said the honeymoon was getting out of hand.

The couple, who are now called Polikem by their legion of fans, also attended Selly's birthday party last weekend.

Other former housemates who attended the Ghanaian's birthday bash include Maria, Dillish, Melvin and Bolt.

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo / The Herald, Zimbabwe


  1. pls Leave her alone wit ur culture, she just paid a visit n she said dey ar planning to do business so wat do u expect. she has to know wat she is going into n putting her money.

  2. I also think she nids to go bck home. As a woman its not right to stay with boyfriend such long, they must get married first.

  3. Role model to who now? When her sex tape got viral, they did not complain, now they say they have a culture.

    1. Gbam!!! thanks a lot, this is the truth nothing but the truth.Zimbos are confused.

  4. We respect ur culture and evryting bt let her be she is living her life yall should do the same

  5. Dats really stupid of her.isn't sh cultured,even wen 1 has to do a tin lik dis,u don't make it public biznes,dis is wat a typical Zim girl luks like.Pok is a cheap girl,very obvious.we ar talkin abt d sex tape nw sh is doing anoda,where lies her Manner pls,who let her loose?pls tie her back n bring bak sanity to her.ish

  6. Mnxmm leave Pokello alone. So much of u are staying with boyfrends. Aghhhh u think its u know better , talking iz cheap , look yourself at miror u wil see a baboon while busy pointing @ others.

  7. I don't think beauties with brains young girls wants a role model who z a porn star

  8. Eish pipol is Pokelo a virgin for her country to cry like this how many Zimbabweans who a geting babies outside marriage here in South Africa.

  9. plz giv poky a break n mind ur own bizness,she z no longer a teenager so back off...Gosh!

  10. Let her enjoy her love life, culture is just an invention

  11. Pokello is out there having fun, creating her contacts for her business, living her life and moving it forward. You sit there watching her live her life. Get a life people. Where was culture when she had her son? Mtcheewwww!!!

  12. Na wa ooo,some pple will neva change. When dey c dat sm1 is progressing in life, dats wen dey will try 2 pull d person down, evil pple. Who told u dat dey r cohabiting? Are u there with them? Pls, u guys shld live ur life nd stop finding faults in odas.

  13. eishh its a pity leave her alone...

  14. Funny the very same Zimbabweans who flew to South Africa most if not all of them are leaving with boyfriends who they first said its their brothers leave the 2 alone or hang yourselves.

  15. come home poki, we are not despirate here in zimbabwe, we have better guys. You are now prooving to the whole wolrd that you were actually dying to have a man. Stop disgracing us