Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Dillish Hints At Big Announcement

We're keeping track of your favourite housemates... That means we've got our eyeballs tracking Twitter 24/7. Not to mention Facebook and Instagram.

So when we saw this we started wondering, what's the big announcement? And obviously, you must be wondering the same thing?
Give guessing your best shot and let us know in the comments section below which conclusion you come to...

We're about to keel over with curiosity!

via DStv Online


  1. She's getting married to Steven, Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  2. Big endorsement coming her way maybe!! That will be nice!!!

  3. This gal think Dillish that now that she won the money, life is moving fast for her, seriously she is being so naive' We dnt need marriadge tha wont last, stupid gal!

  4. Getting married to steven

  5. She's pregnant wif twins of steven*yaaaay* u go gal

  6. She is prehant wif twins for steven*wooow*u go gal