Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'Don't Criticise Me' - Beverly Finally Admits She Had S3x In The Big Brother House

When she first came out of the Big Brother Africa reality show, Beverly Osu stunned many by denying that she ever had intercourse with South Africa’s rep, Angelo, even though almost everyone had clearly watched the video that went viral.

Anyway, she is now singing a new song. Below is what she said when quizzed on the issue again:

Life Outside BBA

My life outside BBA has been wonderful. It’s nothing I cannot handle.


Well, I’m usually a very busy person, but it’s just that right now, I’ve been a very unstable person. Sometimes, I can’t even stay here in Lagos for a week without traveling here and there. I think that’s a good thing because good things are coming out of it. And apparently, there’s always the negative side and that is mostly things that are not true that you hear about yourself; how people see you and so on. Some people don’t really bother about perception, but if you’re somebody like me, you will think about it and sometimes it will affect your work. But I thank God that my life has been good.

Séx Scene in The BBA House

Apparently, I don’t feel sorry because I was being myself. So, I can’t say sorry to anyone who feels disappointed. They’re living their lives and I’m living mine. The only difference is that I was in a house where I had to make the platform work for me; the platform everybody enjoyed seeing me make. If you guys stuck to your television for 91 days only to see my faults, then you should check yourself because people have their faults and it’s only people with faults that quickly notice that in other persons. I don’t criticize people and I don’t think people should criticize me… no matter how you look at it, I’m still a youth.


  1. This page is boring. Old story Alwayz

  2. hmmmmmmm finally?

  3. She didnt say anything about sex,it could be about being naked aswell!

  4. What is wrong with having sex? I am sure most of us do it everyday. Just let Bev be.... Anyway there is nowhere she is mentioning sex. Ag man.......this is becoming boring!

    1. Bird of a feathers flucks together..ass hole

  5. Ashawo! Slut! Cheap article!

  6. Stupid admin stop lying Bev didn't have sex with Angelo in the house,all u do is telling lies go to hell!

  7. Wow it is wonderful to know that there are holy people out there.......anon @ 6:58, are you saying you don't have sex? Kwaaaaaa..

  8. Whether she did or not, its her business!!!!! Mind your own.

  9. So where exactly does she admit to having sex in the house? Whoever writes these baseless articles for BBA should seriously consider a change in career. You can't possibly think the readers are that dumb! Who cares really if Bev did Infact sleep with Angelo! The last I checked they were both adults so can thus make their own choices. Who are we to judge?! I don't remember them volunteering to be role models either so why is everyone so concerned on their prescence or lack of morals!?. Its none of anyone's business. Focus on your own skeletons and leave Bev and Angelo to deal with their own. And can you please wait till the start of the new Big Brother to post anything as these articles are annoying!