Monday, October 21, 2013

Hotel Worker Cries Over Pokello

Zimbabwe's Pokello Nare, who is currently in Zambia, has revealed that she will wear flat shoes this week as she danced heavily last night in Victoria Falls.

She also said a hotel worker was beside herself with joy when she came for room service.

She wrote on her Twitter: "@pokellosexxy: After tonite I have concluded, I work hard! Victoria Falls it's been too real!! 1st time I did more dancing than takin pics. u made my nite!"

She added, "@pokellosexxy: I'm wearing Flat shoes for the whole week! The way I danced last nite is gross human Violation! my fone won't upload pics, I'm so bugged"

On her encounter with the hotel worker she posted, "@pokellosexxy: The girl who brings Room Service started shaking wen I opened e door and started cryin. She says she can't believe her eyes. lol this reaction"

In other tweets, she said she will 'soon' visit Nigeria.

The luxury boutique owner, who was recently included in the controversial top 100 list of influential youths in Zimbabwe also managed to seal an endorsement deal with City Center Suppliers in Lusaka, Zambia.


  1. pokkie baby U are worth shakin and crying for,am sure when i meet u face to face i will collapse.u r my own MICHEAL JACKSON

  2. whoever chooses the bba housemates outdone him/herself this past season, I've heard and seen too many people who are obssesed with the housemates and i'm one of them, i just luv them I wish we can stop comparing them though! They are all lovable in different ways.
    I think my sister can shake as well if she can meet Pokello- she's obsessed. There's definitely something specil about you lady - YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS

  3. Is Sulu really this quiete? Or are you hating on him by not showing us what he is up to?

  4. Hey pokello u re d bomb....who wldnt luv u....i'll do better than d waitress*i'll collapse* luv u tooooo much

  5. WOW Pokello u look very good shame and fantastic .So are u going 2 Big Brother Africa next year.

  6. I don't see beauty in pokello. We saw genny without make-up. Can we see pokello. She eat like she's on the race. She is not beautiful period.

  7. No housemate can shake like mampi in histry of bba. Even pokello she can't shake like mampi from zambia