Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Melvin To Travel To South Africa For Charity

After BBA The Chase, opportunities just keep pouring in...and for those who know how to sell themselves really well, the sky is the limit!

Melvin is one of the many contestants who seem to have mastered this, and is reaping big.

He is now set to travel back to South Africa for charity, read his tweet below;
We'll keep you posted on all the details!


  1. Melvin! Wow! Luking 4ward 2 c u in SA. We, south Africans like u so much. Our inlaw. Come with Simamkele if u can. Melviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, I'm already malvinated .

  2. Yes, tothe fighters: can u c that nigerians and south africans are meant to b together? Melvin coming 2 sa. Let us stop teasing one anoda b'cos we are one blood, one love one africa. Peace be with us. U are more than welcome melvinnnn.

  3. Boity will be glad to see him

  4. Melvinated already, welcome to our beautiful country boy. One Africa, One blood and One Love.

  5. Melvin will enjoy himself in Mzansi as my two wonderful girls will treat him like a king he is.Boity and Koki please entertain my brother please girls!!I am in Durban so wont be able to see him.