Monday, October 14, 2013

Nando's 10-Day Birthday Bash Finally Comes To An End [Photos]

Nando's 10-day birthday bash finally came to an end. Though fellow BBA contestants Angelo, Pokello and Motamma failed to make it for the bash as they had promised, his loyal crew Bimp, Beverly and Fatima graced the event. See photos below...


  1. Oya Bimp! Wat else? Were else will u zoom to?

  2. So after all this, it only leads Nando broke and bimp broker. Srzly dey all sld go get a life rada Dan tis cheap attentn dey r tryin 2 get. Bev biko come home so u can start mkin money.

  3. Bimp u mst lrn frm Feza, angelo n oneal cos they were nt der.....this nando wil u into trouble smeday. U saw d dagger on his bday dnt get stabbed cos of this dry party