Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cleo Surprises Hakeem At Mr. Zimbabwe

Zambia's former Big Brother Africa star Clementine “Cleo” Mulenga made a surprise appearance at last weekend’s Mr and Ms Zimbabwe Bodybuilding Contest to support her boyfriend Hakeem who was taking part.

Cleo’s unexpected presence in the Harare International School auditorium surprised not only the scores of bodybuilding fans who attended the colourful event but Hakeem as well.

Though Hakeem fared badly in the contest, the Zimbabwean hunk got a medal and also could not hide his joy at the unexpected reunion with the famous Zambian entertainer.

“It was a surprise really; I wasn’t really expecting it,” Hakeem told the Daily News.

“For her to travel all the way from Zambia just to watch me compete was such a great inspiration. She knows how serious I am with this modelling stuff and I am grateful for her support.”

The two lovebirds fell for each other during the Big Brother Africa the Chase contest which was won by Namibian Dillish Mathews at the end of August.

As has become the norm, Hakeem was unprepared to say much on his relationship with the 22-year-old Zambian born hip-hop artiste.

“It will be too early to talk about settling down; we have known each other only for about two months now since coming out of The Big Brother house,” said Hakeem.

“We have a relationship; a very good friendship which hasn’t grown to those extreme levels. It will take a lot from both of us to settle down but we are both happy with the way things are at the moment.”

The big Zimbabwean model, who recently met some music producers in Lagos, Nigeria recently, was more than eager to talk about the release of his debut music single before the end of the month.

“I am rebranding myself as both a model and musician and am planning to spread my roots across Africa. My music is basically Afro-pop with an RnB flow. It is authentic African sound,” he added.

Hakeem, the reigning Mr Harare in the male fitness physique category, insisted that his new foray into music will not affect his bodybuilding career.

The Zimbabwean hunk said he was not disappointed by his number four position in last weekend’s Mr Zimbabwe male fitness physique competition.

“This was a totally different competition all together,” he told the Daily News.

“Personally I wasn’t really prepared having travelled a lot since coming out of the Big Brother house. I used the opportunity to do what I know best; something that I have been doing over the years. After just two weeks of preparations, I was pleased with the result. It was an achievement for me,” said Hakeem.

By Austin Karonga / Daily News, Zimbabwe

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