Friday, November 08, 2013

Exclusive: What Became Of Seydou, Talia and Keagan

We all wonder what becomes of our favourite housemates after the show ends. Well, here is some scoop on what became of the famous love triangle between BBA StarGame ex-housemates Seydou Soumare, Talia Hayward and Keagan Petersen.

It all started in the Big Brother house when Angola's Seydou and Zambia's Talia started a hot romance. Their romance was cut short when Seydou was eliminated from the game on day 25 because his partner Esperanca opted to leave the show. Talia cried her eyes out when Seydou left.

However, it wasn't long before Talia became deeply enmeshed in another love-affair with South Africa's Keagan. Talia told Keagan that maybe her feelings for Seydou were not as deep as she thought they were and for the weeks that followed, the two were locked in love.

Keagan revealed how he had always liked Talia and wanted something to happen between them outside the House. The South African revealed how surprised he was that she considered his advances, despite the situation she was in with Seydou.

Left: Seydou and Talia - - Right: Seydou and Sheila.
But after the show ended, Talia dumped Keagan and chose to go back to Seydou. Seydou forgave her and it was heavenly for a couple of months and BANG!

The Starmates revealed via social media that they had split after they had seemingly rekindled their controversial romance. Below are the message they both posted to announce their break-up to fans.

Seydou said;

"I do Understand that you are all very passionate people, Unfortunately it has come to my attention that some of you have been verbally abusing the ones I care about. Let me set the record straight, Seylia is an icon, and icons may live forever. Nevertheless Seydou Soumaré is a Human and as a Human life goes on and changes occur.

"I have posted in early November that me and T were cool and friends who cared about each other, however most of you chose to interpret the way it suited you. With all due respect, please stop living in the fantasy that my life revolves around Seylia. I don't owe anyone any satisfaction about my personal life, BBA days are long gone, this is the Real World and some aspects of my life must remain private all times. Despite any consideration I may have for my fans, Im the one who decides what to share and what not, it's my life and mine only.

"Me and S are expecting a baby, you don't have to like it but you shall respect it, that said you really have to take a chill pill and stop acting like babies, as most of you are grown ladies and mothers, no offence.

"You are entitled to go on speculating and assuming whatever you wish on how or when, but I'm affraid I don't have to answer any of your questions? This ain't an Interview.... Keep Spreading love and Unity, and remember, this is Seydou Soumaré's page. -- God Bless."

Talia had this to say;

"Dear Fam,

Seydou and I shared what we did and I have no regrets ever trying. I walk away with no uncertainties..proud that I faced my demons and fought to fix what was broken and in the process fixed mysef.

"He has found peace with Shiela, Peace that I never gave him and I believe with all my heart that he deserves it. See when you care about someone, you are happy for them inspite of yourself. Seylia will always remain an icon of love, triumph, forgiveness and friendship. Through adversity, not only are we given an opportunity to discover our inner strength, we are also given the gift of foresight so we can shine a light for others who go through the experience after us.

"I have found my peace because he has. I feel that we are often taken out of our comfort zones, pushed and shoved out of our nests, because if not, we would never know what we could do with our wings, we would never see the horizon and the sun setting on it.

"You have no idea how your advice and good will has made me strive to be a better person, uplifted me and helped me grow.. When I say family, it is beyond BBA, beyond stardom. It is a bond that I do not take lightly. I have been inspired by inspiring you all so thank you. -- Talia."

Moving On

So Seydou served his revenge! He dumped Talia and moved on with a girl named Sheila (pictured with him above), and they are said to be with child and engaged.

Talia, who lost out on both guys relocated to the United States of America, where she is cooling off with family members.

BBA StarGame winner, Keagan appeared at the BBA The Chase finale and soon as the South African ex-Housemate sat down for his one on one chat with Live Show Presenter IK, the outspoken Nigerian host wasted no time in asking Keagan the big question on everyone's mind, "What did you with the USD 300 000?" Keagan said: "I invested it all."

After that the ex-Starmate got grilled on his brief but notorious love affair in the Big Brother House with Zambian ex-Housemate Talia. "We were only together for five days really. Once we were out of the House things were different. So we decided to go our separate ways," he clarified.
Seydou Soumare in Angola recently.
Talia Hayward in America lately.
Keagan Petersen talks to IK at the BBA The Chase finale.


  1. Thats what happens when you act like a whore on national television.No man will ever want to be associated with you

  2. she shd have left wit keagan since she made a choice wit keagan after seydou left bot hey! talia was a double minded lady and she was unstable in even making decisions concerning her personal life so she had to loose al of dem. suit u right! tnk u seydou for dumping her like dat bcos she doesnt even know wat she want. Talia am happi dat u learnt ur lesson

  3. Please don't judge her or her decisions, we all don't know what we would do if tables were to be turned...By the way, Talia is happy now and enjoying herself and has also found the love of her life, you could confirm from her Instagram page....we should just wish them well and not stand to condemn any of their decisions/ actions.

  4. Get your facts right, Seydouche used Talia from day 1, heck they used each other after the show ended to deceive the fans, especially the Seyliakak shippers. He has been together with Sheila for 4 years, there was no break up, even with his antics with Talia. Even Talia knew about her since August 2012, but chose to make a fool out of herself and played the victim when the lies and revenge plot was exposed. Seylia was a staged relationship, nothing more end of story. I hope that Talia has learnt her lesson, and stop using the victim card to get out of taking responsibility for her acts. And Sheila better have a short leach on her man, hopefully fatherhood will change that Seydouchebag's famewhoring and womanising mannerisms.

  5. I like the way Taila was dumped. She is a slut and a disgrace to womanhood. Her beviour is Western not African.however, I do not blame her, it is her upbringing. Remember her family background