Friday, November 01, 2013

It's Over! Eazzy & Keitta Call It Quits

It's over! The once lovely celebrity couple Keitta Osei Masai, the younger brother of Reggie Rockstone, and musician Mildred Ashong, also known as Eazzy, have gone their separate ways.

The two Big Brother Africa StarGame stars are no longer seeing each other, bringing their relationship of some few years, to an end. A development that has dazed most people around them, she took to Twitter to announce the spilt, tweet-confirming fears by some friends who saw it coming.

“Hi guys fnx fr yrr concern. yep. Keitta n i are not a couple anymore. details r private. no more questions. Wink,” she tweeted, attracting some responses from a cross section of curious minds.
However, just few minutes into her announcement, she went back to delete the tweet, an act which sought to make nonsense of her earlier stance. sources around the two say the once bubbly affair, is not working out as they have had to deal with issues in the last few months.

“It just didn’t work out,” a friend of hers told us. “Both had issues, which they thought they would have sorted out; but it just didn’t work out.”

An official response from Keitta is yet to come through, albeit her statement was quite emphatic, and settles the dust over whether or not they’ve called it quits.

A development that falls into how most celebrity relationships end, it was headed nowhere (from day one), some predicated.

Their relationship gained a lot of currency when they both participated in last year’s Big Brother Africa reality show.


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