Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keitta Dumped Eazzy Because He Met A New Girl

Keitta with Arisa in club.
Few days ago, it emerged that Keitta pulled the plug on Eazzy because of a certain young fair girl - Arisa, who happens to be rapper - Tinny's ex-girlfriend.

We are told Eazzy has denied the fact that she was dumped by Keitta because he met this new girl who he has fallen in love with, at the time he has fallen out of Eazzy's love...

Eazzy claims they fell out for other "reasons" that are totally personal and are not to be revealed or discussed.

Keita on the other hand has not come out to talk about or explain the issue, but has been spotted in Arisa's company several times and recently the two were spotted in a club cuddling.

By Ghana Celebrities


  1. When will ladies realise that immediately a man had sex with you, you have become a used material met to be thrown into dustbin

    1. So he will dump this aris gurl too. Cos dey sure will have sex. Only a child thinks like u. Cos if he wanted just sex d relationship would have ended since. And not just now

  2. Rubbish is dumped, a human being dumped whereoooo, Mildred(Eazzy) is a smart woman so.