Monday, November 18, 2013

Rapper M.I Provides Shoulder For Karen Igho To Lean On

It's generally believed that when a man or woman is down emotionally, the most appropriate thing for a friend or neigbhour is to provide a shoulder to lean on. This aptly played out between; Nigerian rap star Jude Abaga better known by stage name M.I and Karen Igho.

In this picture, Mr. Incredible provides succor for actress and presenter, Karen.

If you remember, the Big Brother Africa Amplified winner, Karen has been saying she needs a man in her life, the rap lord, M.I seems to be that great dude that has given Karen all she needs in a man.

You will be amazed how cool these two entertainers look in this picture. The blunt and beautiful Karen seems safe, warm and relaxed to be wrapped in his embrace. What advice would you give them, to give it a shot or cut it off?

By Alonge Michael


  1. Publisher u lack info! Go n get a life

  2. I hαve something ƒor you to dσ bcos you lack info

  3. Is it true love or he has come to squander her money then go for another girl. 98 percent are heat and run. Karen be careful

  4. My dear karen, pls be very carreful cos it seems u r so in need of a man, any man can come into ur life nd pretend 2 b real, u can't tell who is who, pls go 4 a simple life man