Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Read All The 'Juicy' Details About Pokello's Love Life & 'Beef' With Fellow Housemates In Q & A With Fans

The 'Queen of Swagger' had a Q and A session with fans on the Team Pokello official page on are some notable responses;

Loreen Jenhu: Hi Pokello, how do you feel about Feza now that you are no longer in BBA


Konnemi Kapyepye: dyu plan ta visit Malawi??


Betina Banda: Hai pokky i admire u so much are u pals with bev after all the bad things she said about u in the house??

Honestly people in that house spoke so much nonsense about me. no we not pals

Chido Charangwa: Are you happy?

I am finally were i want to be

Faith Magwa: Hey pokello watsup..hw z my bro n law Elikem…cnt wait hear ur wedding day guys..u mek zim proud hey.Queen of swagger 4 real…luv yah…

Ur bro in law is wonderful. such a loving man. thank u

Concebabie Myke: Pokello pliz can u tell me hw do u feel nw about wat feza saying abt u in e house coz she was alwys judging u a lot????

Wat did she really know about my life? i had to not mention what car i drive because i could see the pain in her eyes when she saw my family pics.

Debz Debbie Nalule: Queen of swagg..wat are ur future plans with ur boo? Wat do u love most abt him and vice versa? Wen is the nail polish line coming out..i want oo? Wen are u coming to Uganda..we love u?

Lol so many questions. eih dont make me talk about elikem, i beg

woo, next thing il be he makes feel like God made me for him,he cherishes me like a mother treasure her child. eish let me stop

Nonkosi Monica Madonono: k, ddnt see dat uv replied 2 dat…K Pokie tell me did u luv Elikem while in the Big brother house?

Yes i did, but i was frontin coz in the beginning i didn’t really think me and him cld end up together

Dibazo Mokoena N: Hwz yo relationship with Feza n Fatima?

Non existant

Tshicks Tlhanks: When are you coming to Botswana darling?

When are u inviting me?

Thembisa Gwiza: How du u feel abwt ur previous life with press…es in e stunner issue

Press fabricates a lot stories and people believe a lot of them. what about stunner love?

Abel Muchinapaya: Hie Pokello, how did you survive with all the evil people in the big brother house! selly, Bimp, juss to mention a few. gimme a reply please!

I dont mind them, i dont eat diner at their house or call them for airtime

Patience Manyara Munda: Hi Mai Nathan just curious what do u do with all the clothes and shoes that you no longer want? Don’t get me wrong I know u got siblings but I was just wondering. Since u “adopted” that children’s home in Byo don’t u think it wld be a noble idea to auction the excess clothing for the benefit of that home and at the same time the Polikems around can get a piece of you?

Yes i hv siblings and lots of cousins. so charity begins at home. i donate to the childrens home whatever they require of me and if i can manage it

Febbie Mukuhlani: Wen a you getting merried and how is nethan

All the marriage questions,kikikiki. LOBOLA IS very very soon, the date is near now

Joyce Mukusha Pokello: How are you, how can we get your new clothes line in the UK , girl you rock and love you to bits!!!!!

We working on a distribution deal with some outlets there. so hang on

Eve Zaquesha: When is he goin to marry you?

When the date they gave him arrives

Dibazo Mokoena: When r u planning to get married u n de man?

Its already been planned. just waiting for date to arrive

Anesa Maseti: Hav u n elikem went to to da trip dat bba sponsored for u guys

Not yet, next year we will go

When did u realised u were in love with ELIKEM

Hmmm i think it was when i went to Diamond. i couldnt cope without him

Beverly Nunoo: Poki pls try nd make a reality show on dstv

Lol. if u see some of our pics the answer to that must be obvious, hint hint

Tinotenda Samantha Mawere: where do you see yourself and elikem in 5yrs tym,,,,,,if u r 2 wedd now wr wld u wedd or u wl ve 2 weddings?

In 5 yrs we will be happier than we are now. we hv to hv 2 weddings

Arinze Isioma Emmanuella: Poki dearest are u guys ever going 2 make d trip 2 Kenya? Is dat ur honeymoon destination?

Lol.u r clever hey

Mpho Ntsimane: Hw is Nathan feeling abt Elikem #curious#

He loves him like crazy

Iris Boafo: We are just waiting to hear the wedding date.

We try to keep some things private like when lobola is being paid.that u will know only after its done.


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    1. You are reallly obsessed with Feza neh? Shame on you.

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    5. People just. Learn to ask relevant questions to the person u are talking to leave including other peoples names they are minding their own businesses at this point.mentioning fezas name is really uncalled for grow up man.pokello I'm really disappointed why do u stoop so low by answering stupid people with little minds

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