Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Remember Jannette From BBA7? Look What She Wants To Do To Melvin

Controversial BBA7 contestant, Jannette Lutaaya from Uganda, fondly referred to as "Tiny Princess" seems to have developed some rather "deep" feelings for Nigerian BBA The Chase rep, Melvin Odauh.

Jannette took to her twitter page to complement Melvin's lips, adding that she would bite them off if she got a chance. See her tweet below;

Not much has been heard of her since she left the BBA house but rumor has it that her romance with BBA7 Kenyan rep, Malonza didn't exactly work out despite her endless trips to Kenya.

Sources also continue to reveal that she has been in and out of night clubs, partying hard and smoking shisha, she is a common face at the Kampala based Cassablanca night club.

We don't know where exactly she's looking to get with this, we'll keep you posted!
For now lets take a closer look at those lips. Do you agree with Jannette, are Melvin's lips really "nice" as she says though she has since deleted the tweet?!


  1. I wouldn't wana let go,they are juicy!!#winkzzzz#

  2. Very juicy and delicous, hmmmmmmmmm

  3. BBA u r a gossiper! keep the conversation going!

  4. You can't blame her,, those lips are nice...i wouldn't let that chance(of biting them) go as well.