Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See What Dillish's Boyfriend, Stephen Bought Her For Christmas

These are the Christmas gifts BBA The Chase winner, Dillish got from her boyfriend Stephen. The overjoyed Namibian showed off the items on social media.. Take a look below!


  1. Nice gift,but proposal would be the best gift ever!!!

    1. yeah u are right how long will a big girl like will conyinue tslking about boy friend likr a secondry school girl.
      Big up ur mum eants ur child u have the money now

  2. Dillish 'grow up'!!! dont just expect the poor guy to give u present and u dont do the same in return. When will your dillishians hear u saying that u have given Stephen sth. U just won money from BBA and yet expect him to providem, still goldigging as usual, dust yoself off and act like a mature women, u no longer a minor!

  3. may be Stephen does not flaunt the gifts Dilish gives him but she is being appreciative on her side. Anonymous 2:21am did u receive a gift from ur lover? there is no need to be bitter