Monday, January 27, 2014

Denzel's Cross-Dressing Shocks Fans

BBA The Chase Ugandan representative, Charles Denzel Mwenyeretsi seems to thrive on courting controversy and goes an extra to get tongues wagging.

The latest antic came out of his deep closet of tricks is exposing himself as a cross dresser.

The controversial presenter posted pictures of himself donning a floral padded bra, a dress, plus a wig while grinning like he had just won a million dollars.

The pictures understandably got Denzel lots of unflattering remarks from the public who still wonder how someone as unbalanced as that could have been chosen to represent over 13 million Ugandans.

Even fellow Big Brother Africa housemates consented that his weird character of preferring nudity could have been the reason why he was evicted just one week into the game. He is currently a presenter at Uganda's Urban TV.


  1. He is obviously very sick n needs a rehab urgently.

  2. That's Denzel at his best !! Yoooooooh

  3. I knew he was gay lıke wen he decıded 2 make A penıs wıth play at bıg brother and slept wıth ıt