Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Exclusive Interview With IK Osakioduwa

IK Osakioduwa is best known for his recurrent stints as host of Big Brother Africa. In a recent chat with him, he had interesting things to say.

How was 2013 for you
It was a tough year for many and it was at the starting tough for me too but bless God the ending of 2013 was an awesome period for me. I was working every day and I’m grateful to God to be employed  and to have the opportunities that I have.

Plans for 2014
In 2014 I’m going to be doing a lot of work. I want to share the love so I’m going to be training a few people to do what I do as an MC and a TV presenter. 2014 is my mentorship year. I want to put it out there to teach people to make a business out of what they are called to do. Those are my plans for 2014.

Favourite DStv Channel
I’ll be kind of biased if I say it is AfricaMagic but hey, what do you expect seriously? We love AfricaMagic and it’s made quite a difference to our lives so I will lie to you if I said it was another channel. There are several channels I like but my favourite has to be AfricaMagic.

Favourite programme on DStv
Favourite DStv programme…will that be apart from Big Brother Africa? That’s really tough too! We’ve got so many good ones on DStv. Outside of Big Brother my favourite DStv programme might be 53 Extra. I have a natural love for 53 Extra because I worked on the show. It’s a bias I know, but I can’t help it.

Thoughts on Mandela
Mandela was a great man, an awesome man and as long as you live on the African continent, he was a symbol of hope and freedom for us. But more than anything else for me, he was a symbol of responsibility. He made me realize how not a bunch, not a state, not a country but one individual can make a difference. He was a symbol of responsibility, of freedom, of taking ownership for your country. He meant a great deal to me and I think all of us who witnessed his life were honored to live in his time.

I believe in Nigeria because...
Nigeria is indefatigable. You cannot defeat our spirit or completely take away our self-esteem no matter what we go through be it political trauma, terrorism,  racism from other countries or discrimination from people who don’t understand us. You can never completely hold the Nigerian down. We believe in ourselves. I believe in us. I believe in Nigeria because we can’t be totally defeated.

IK is the host of Comedy Club: Live In Lagos which airs at 20:00 on Saturday, 11 January on AfricaMagic.

By Ayo Falafala / AfricaMagic

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