Friday, February 14, 2014

Dillish Eyes Zim Property

Big Brother Africa 2013 winner Dillish Mathews harbours plans of engaging in property development in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The Namibian beauty, who is in the country to launch the Dillish line of lipstick and lip-gloss being marketed and distributed by a Zimbabwean company called Vault Cosmetics, told the Daily News that business is her true passion.

“I am thrilled Jackie (of Vault Cosmetics) chose me for this line. I am a business woman before anything else.

“My next venture is property development at home and in Zimbabwe if the opportunity presents itself,” Mathews said.

The Big Brother victor, who is a third year psychology student, also owns a hair salon in Namibia and a weave-selling business.

“I have a salon at home and I put business first. I have suspended school plans at the moment to pursue business interests, but will return to school later on in life,” she said.

Dillish will today launch the Vault Cosmetics lipstick and lip-gloss line named after her.

Vault Cosmetics was founded in Zimbabwe by Hollywood-based Zimbabwean celebrity make-up artist Jackie Muchanyuka-Mgido.

Jackie said that involving Dillish was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“What I loved about Dillish is her humility. When I approached her with the idea, I told her that as a business that was just starting, I did not have any money to give her and she said it was okay, and we would settle that when things start going on well,” said the celebrated Zimbabwean make-up artist, who has worked with top artists like actor Denzel Washington and rapper-cum-actor-James Todd “LL Cool J” Smith.

“I was pleasantly surprised. I mean she has money, she won Big Brother and her humility is just something to admire,” Muchanyuka-Mgido said.

Meanwhile, once again Dillish refuted claims that she is of Zimbabwean origin.

Social media networks have been awash with claims that the Namibian beauty has Zimbabwean blood and that her middle name is Tafadzwa.

“I am half-Somali, half-Namibian, I am not Zimbabwean at all,” she said.

The 22-year-old Namibian beauty who beat 27 other contestants in the 2013 Big Brother The Chase to land the coveted $300 000 prize money, also shot down the mistaken view that she is a professional model.

“I am not a model. I am very sharp and business is the true calling for me.

“Having seen the opportunities in Zimbabwe, who knows I could be coming to do property development,” Mathews added.

By Ndakaziva Majaka / DailyNews, Zim

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  1. Beauty but no brains ....hope it turns out well for u