Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bimp Is Loving Nigeria

Bimp, Beverly and Bassey were called the Triple B’s as housemates on Big Brother Africa - The Chase. Since they left the BBA: The Chase house, Ethiopian born Bimp has been seen alot in Nigeria where he says he is exploring creative and business opportunities while keeping an eye out for Nigerian women.


You’ve been in Nigeria for a while now, what's up with that?

I love Nigeria man! This is my third time coming back. I love Nigeria, I love the nightlife, I love the entertainment industry which is completely new to me. I enjoy Nigeria, the people are friendly, the people care. There is so much hardship that the people go through and through that they’ve become really strong; everybody is a hustler and I really love the way people hustle everywhere. Nigeria is a wonderful place.

When did you decide to make Nigeria your place of abode, in fact you have two Nigerian phone numbers.

Yes I have two Nigeria phone lines because I have two phones and I felt stupid carrying them without a simcard. It’s not that I’ve moved into Nigeria totally…not yet, I’m still thinking about it. I can’t just move in, there has to be something that I’d be doing. I need to have something that I’m working on or I’m a part of. Once I’m doing that then I can move in but right now I’m trying to see what opportunities are available to me in Nigeria and of course if those opportunities present themselves, why not be here? Except for the heat; it’s killing me but still, I love Nigeria.

What opportunities have you spotted so far?

I’ve always been a businessman to begin with, so I’ve seen that Nigeria is a huge market for business and I’m planning on expanding my business/my company from Ethiopia to Nigeria. The second thing is going to be on entertainment. I’m going to be working on my acting and I’m going to try to do music. I’m going to be doing radio. I’d do TV shows. I’m going to be doing radio actually because I’ve heard that my voice is good for radio and my face is not good for TV. I’m just playing. But I really want to do both TV and radio and hopefully it will work out for me.

So what do you have planned for 2014?

To be a better Bimp, make a better Bimp financially, knowledge-wise, wisdom in every way possible. I never had new year resolutions to be honest because it’s just putting pressure on me but this year I want to be better. I want to get closer to my dreams of becoming a billionaire. I want to work hard. I want to develop myself. I want to be a better person for 2015.

And Beverly?

Beverly has always been a sister of mine. I think one thing people don’t see or look over is the fact that when you’re in a house for three months, 24/7, you get closer to the people. Think about it, how many hours do you spend with your friend per week? Me and Beverly were together 24/7 for three months. It’s not an easy amount of time. It gets you closer than anything because you sleep, eat and wake up together. That creates a bond. Like I always said, Beverly is like my little sister and we’ve always had an awesome time. She’s also a caring and loving person. That’s the definition of our relationship: I know a lot of people get it wrong but think about it, how can you not expect us to be this close?

Bassey told us the same thing when he was in Nigeria

Yes we are called the triple B’s. That’s an awesome name actually. Would you believe it, me and Bassey were supposedly enemies and now we are the best of friends? This world is funny. You never know what it has in store.

What do you like about Nigerian ladies?

I think Nigerian women are very beautiful and caring. It’s so funny to me that even as friends and getting to know me they still ask if I have eaten; that is so nice. It’s the sweetest thing I ever heard. They are very fine. I’ve always said that I’m into curvy women and I think Nigerian women generally have that kind of body which is nice. I admire it.

By Ayo Fala Fala

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