Friday, March 21, 2014

Elikem Is Pokello's Puppet; I Lied To Protect Him - Theresa Onnen

Elikem Kumordzi and Theresa Onnen.
In a twist of events, Theresa Onnen, the lady who was reported to be having an affair with Big Brother Africa star, Elikem Kumordzi, has confessed she lied about the affair to protect him.

According to the German-based designer, she was forced to deny the existence of a relationship with Elikem to save the Big Brother star's image.

Ghanaian newspaper, Graphic Showbiz, in its Monday edition reported that Elikem and his girl friend Pokello Nare had broken up and that the former Big Brother star  is now dating a 28-year-old fashion designer, Theresa Boateng (Onnen), who came from Germany a month ago to outdoor her clothing line in Accra.

The report said Elikem and Theresa had confirmed their month old relationship and Miss Boateng was even two weeks pregnant for Elikem.

Theresa denied being pregnant for Elikem in an interview with stating she had a strictly business relationship with Elikem.

"I'm not pregnant," she said, adding that she met both Elikem and Pokello through a friend only a weeks ago when she came to Ghana to launch her clothing line.

"Right now he is a business partner first and a good friend," and "I'm not pregnant period," Theresa had refuted.

But comments she made in two separate interviews with the Graphic Showbiz reporter, Kofi Duah, contradict this view.

In an earlier interview with the Showbiz, Theresa said she loves Elikem because "of what he does... I am a fashion designer, he is a fashion designer. We have something in common. He is the male part of me, I am the female part of him."

The German-based designer said she does not care about Pokello although she has some amount of respect for her and that it is normal for the Zimbabwean to feel bitter about the turn of events.

Theresa, who said she has been married before, stressed that: "Elikem is young and I think it takes time to choose whatever he wants. I don't want to even get married yet, he's just too young. Pokello is the one who is forcing him to get married to her and I think it's wrong because you can't force someone to get married to you."

According to her, "the best thing is [for] her (Pokello) to back off, let him make the right decision. If she really loves him, she will do that because I do love him. Let him decide whatever he wants to do. if it's with me it's fine, if it's with Pokello I will give him my blessings."

But in a later interview a very distraught Theresa Onnen threatened to make life unbearable for Elikem.

"If he is going to make things difficult for you (Showbiz journalist), I will make things difficult for him," she said.

The designer revealed that, "I am going to call my lawyers... I will pull everything out... I went to the studio because of him to protect him because of this Odartey Lamptey or whatever issue... so far I have been keeping quiet to protect him," she said.

"I did everything he wanted me to do. We went on radio, I didn't deny you... If he is turning things around... I can do it worse," she warned.

Theresa accused Pokello of putting her private phone number on Twitter stating, "but because of the respect I have for Elikem, I just kept quiet."

According to Theresa, "right now I'm the person who is carrying the baby and I was the one who said 'no I am not with him'," so if she comes out to disclose details of the their affair, "it will spoil his career so it's on him to decide."

"Elikem is not Elikem, Elikem, he is ruled by his family - his brother, his mum," she alleged.

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By Ernest Dela Aglanu / Joy Online, & Ameyaw Debrah, Ghana

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