Monday, March 03, 2014

Prezzo Gets Emotional, Remembers Goldie, Shares Blurry Photo Of Them

Kenyan rapper, Jackson Makini a.k.a Prezzo, who has been quiet since Nigerian singer and BBA star Goldie Harvey died on February 14 2013, recently shared a blurry photo of them on instagram.

Prezzo, who is known for his controversial lifestyle and tattoos, shared the photo to explain how blurry his life is at times.

He captioned the photo "Together with my 20/20 vision my life is blurry @times  #HeadAboveWater #SkiboboQueen #Rapcellency."

Many of his followers reacted by offering condolence messages.

You will recall that Prezzo and Goldie were involved in a hot romance during the 2012 Big Brother Africa 7 'StarGame'.

At some point, Prezzo had allegedly planned to propose to her and marry her.

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  1. Sorry Prezzor,release her may her soul rest in peace