Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Feza Releases New Single 'My Papa'

Tanzania’s former Big Brother Africa contestant Feza Kessy has released her much-anticipated new single, My Papa; a love song dedicated to her man.

There was a lot of excitement as Feza Kessy’s fans across Africa reacted to her new single that premiered yesterday on Yarona FM, Botswana. Eager fans from many countries utilised the live-stream option to listen to Feza’s interview as they waited to hear the song.

Her fans were not disappointed and many took to Twitter and other social media platforms to show their excitement and appreciation after listening to the new song for the very first time.

Feza was introduced to Africa last year when she participated in the eighth season of Big Brother Africa. The Tanzanian beauty gained a large fan base while in the house due to her out-spoken nature and down-to-earth personality.

While in the house, Feza fell in love with Botswana housemate Oneal and the couple was affectionately nicknamed Oneza by adoring fans. The two were admired for staying true to their real personalities despite the pressure of the Big Brother Africa game, which usually sees many participants put on phony personalities for the sake of winning the prize money.

On leaving the Big Brother Africa house, Feza made a quick trip back home and then left for Botswana to link up with her man who had been evicted before her. The two have been inseparable since then, making several trips between Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania as they support each other’s careers.

Prior to joining Big Brother Africa, Feza had just finished recording her first single, Amani Ya Moyo, which was passionately embraced by the Big Brother Africa audience when it was played at a Saturday night party in the house.

While speaking to Radio Botswana today about the inspiration for her song, Feza said, “This song is special because it came from my heart. I wrote it on a flight to Zambia. Oneal had just dropped me off at the airport and I was missing him”

She confirmed that her new song is inspired by and dedicated to her love. “In my previous song you could tell I was sad, but now I am happy, there is a man making me happy. I am in love.” the bubbly Tanzanian beauty said while speaking to Yarona FM.

 “It is bongo flava, so people out there can get to hear the Tanzanian flavour, but it is also has a bit of afro beat and little bit of house,” she said.  ”And it is in mainly in English so people from all over Africa can listen to it and identify with it”

Bongo flava is a very popular genre back in her home country.

If the reaction the song received today on social media is anything to go by, My Papa is going to be a big hit. Give it a listen below..

By Faridah Nassozi


  1. Happy for u gal.

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  3. nice one Feza! love U gal!

  4. Where can we download the song, dying 2 listing 2 it here in congo, plz reply me with d website thanx


  5. Beautiful African song, You go girl, i cant wait for the video. Way to go Fey

  6. lovely song Feza!

  7. Very!! good song Feza, South Africa love you