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Beverly And I Are Staying Together - Bimp

Bimp Beamlak Tesfaye Haile was the Ethiopian contestant at the last Big Brother Africa reality show. To many, he was a strategist and a controversial person, especially with rumours about him being in a relationship with Nigerian representative, Beverly. He spoke, in an interview, with Nigerian Tribune about his relationship with Beverly, why he relocated to Nigeria, his career and style, among other things.

What makes your culture unique from others?
A lot of things, for instance, our calendar is different from the rest of the world. At the moment, we are in 2005, because we use a calendar that is eight years behind the Gregorian calendar. Our months are different from the likes of January, February and others.

What were you into prior to BBA?
I owned a company back home, which I was running with two Italian partners. The company’s name was Quadreluce and we dealt in interior designs, but then things changed. So, I can say that I have seen the best of both worlds. I’ve had everything and I have experienced not having anything. So now I’m working towards having everything by myself.

It seemed like you had a strategy back in the House and had every step planned out...
I didn’t have a strategy, or maybe I had strategies without actually planning them. I remember that I used to be even stressed out because I didn’t have a strategy and BBA used to tell me when I visited the diary room to get one. But I used to think about my move, but I wouldn’t say that I had a strategy. For instance people thought I swapped Bassey because I was strategising, but it was because he was the least closest person to me then.

What did you decide to relocate to Nigeria?
I am here to see what is available to me. I have never been an entertainer, but I tried BBA because of a close friend of mine and I made it. The chase began when I left the house and I think I have enough opportunities to chase my dreams here in Nigeria and here I am. Every facet of entertainment I would do, as long as the chance presents itself, but I’m more of a business person than an entertainer. So I intend to start up a business in Nigeria.

Having put Bassey on the chopping block, how did you both end up being buddies after BBA?
We didn’t really work it out, it worked itself out. We both knew that none of us had malicious issues towards each other. It was not like I hated him, I just did what I had to do. But it was shocking to realise when I came out, that Bassey had said that he would put me on fire. I was hurt because I didn’t expect that. I can’t be blamed, it is Africa that didn’t vote to keep him in. But as time went on, we resolved it, but Bassey actually gave me hell, before it eventually worked itself out.

What is going on between you and Beverly?
We are very close, have always been closer than every other person in the House. Was there sexual tension back then? Yes. But I had a girlfriend then and chose to be faithful to her. Now, I am no longer with my girlfriend and I can’t continue to be faithful to an ex.
Beverly and I are staying together, we see every day, so are we together?, we would both find out together and I would prefer that people keep guessing for a little longer.

When there is something to say about us, we will say it.

People believe that you caused the rift between Beverly and her best friend, Charity?
People had the wrong impression about the whole thing. I read about different things and also got to know that people felt that I was trying to come between Angelo and Beverly’s relationship while in the House. Why would I do that? It was obvious when we were in the house that I was not the one pursing Beverly, but Beverly pursuing me. And I was the one that pushed her into being with Angelo, so I don’t know why people would say that I wanted them to break up.

So about me and charity, she was a close friend of Beverly, so automatically, we became friends as well. People say that me being with her was what ruined their friendship, but I wouldn’t know. Obviously, they are not as close as they were before, but they have their reasons for that.

What did BBA teach you and what memories of the show do you hold dear?
One thing I learnt in the House was that we as Africans are the same, although we like to focus on our differences, we do things similarly. In terms of memories, I can never forget the day I solved the mystery. I was the only one that could solve it and it was one of the best moments in the house for me, because I love being the smart one.

How was the reception back in Ethiopia after BBA?
My country is not really keen for shows and I had that it was the same in Tanzania. The only people waiting for me at the airport were a few of my family members.

So, how is the entertainment industry back there?
It is not as big as it is here in Nigeria, but it is growing. I think I was the third Ethiopian to be in the house, but I know with time, it will get better.

How was living under the eye of the camera for millions of people to see?
I hate cameras, but what kept me in the House was the thought of winning the money.

What would you have done with the money if you had won?
I would have invested it. I would have opened a club and I am still looking forward to doing that.

What were your childhood dreams?
I wanted to be a soldier, but then I realised that it wasn’t easy. Then I would have also loved to be an astronaut, and I still even have the dream of going to space someday.

What has Nigeria taught you?
Lagos has frustrated life out me. Although I love it because it is fun, but some things can be frustrating because at times, people just take advantage of the fact that you don’t speak pidgin, or because you have an accent. Other than that, I love everything about Nigeria.

So, do you intend to settle down with a Nigerian?
No, I don’t intend to settle down with any woman or have children, because I have lost my faith in women.

Don’t you think you are too young to say that?
Yes and that is why I want to keep on having fun. I have always had this mentality since I was a child that marriages don’t last. Except for that of my grandparents, who were the most romantic couples I had ever seen; they still went out on dates even when they were over 80. But, these days, there are lot of divorces out there and many people are so unhappy in their marriages.

What wouldn’t you be caught doing?
I will never be caught doing what I don’t approve of,  like beating a woman, disrespecting people or being in an explicit video.

What about your videos from the BBA?
I was never naked in the house. I knew what I was doing.

How do you relax?
I love to read a lot. I would read anything, to the extent that I read manuals, prints on clothes and anything at all.

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