Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Roki Wants Big Brother Africa Second Chance

Zimbabwean contemporary musician Roki has said he wants another shot at Big Brother Africa reality TV show.

Roki, real name Rockford Josphat unceremoniously exited from the game in 2012 after a tiff with fellow Zimbabwean housemate Maneta Mazanhi.

He was disqualified on day 45 of the 91-day reality TV series following a fight with Maneta after he poured water on her head.

On retaliation Maneta threw bleach on his face, Roki then slapped her.

“I could not audition this year with first timers as it will seem like I am cheating and also because I have an unfair advantage over them as I already know the audition process,” Roki said.

“We are not allowed to compete with first timers so I might go next year, when there is Stargame.

“I was told that Stargame might be on next year or in 2016. I was willing to go, that is why I asked them. I wanted to audition.

“As a person who likes to confront  challenges, I went to Big Brother as a mental test on a higher level.

“I always test myself by doing crosswords and other things that require you to think deeply. So Big Brother was another test for me as well,” he said.

Roki said going again was like performing national duty.

“The reason why I want to go is that I will be performing a duty for the nation.

“Some people think it’s a fool’s chance of striking gold, and some are doing it for the money, but I think there is more to it than that.”

He spoke after auditions held for the reality TV show on Saturday.

Roki regretted the events that precipitated his ouster from the reality TV show in 2012.

“In as much as I did a lot of things wrong in the house, I am patriotic,” Roki said.

“That is one thing that I am fully confident of, that I need to serve my country. I was raised in a military home. My parents were both in the national army, although my father retired early.

“This makes me feel the need to serve my country on any platform that I am on, I take duty seriously. And that is the reason I am willing to go back.”

The 'Chidzoka' singer says he is a changed man and that he wants the country to put on a united front when watching the show.

“I know it will be different if I go again as I will be older and wiser,” he said.

“Definitely, two or more things have changed about me.

“I want people to be united when they watch Big Brother, like when the national team is playing, people will be rallying behind them and will be united for a while, which is what I want Big Brother to be. It seems everyone who is trying out now is looking for a way to score a quick buck.”

By Sharon Muguwu / DailyNews


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