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IK Speaks About Big Brother Hotshots

Big Brother Hotshots gets underway in a matter of days and IK Osakioduwa is set to host Africa's biggest reality show for the sixth time in a row.

IK has won the hearts of many fans across Africa for his ability to speak openly and directly with housemates and allow them to be at ease about their most vulnerable moments. Asuquo Eton met up with IK, who revealed what viewers can expect from the new season and how he feels about hosting this year's edition.

When you hear Big Brother what comes to mind?
Well the first thing is the word "dedication". You have to understand that I don't see the show how everyone else sees it. To me it's more than just a source of entertainment. I have the rare privilege of seeing the team behind the scenes that run the show I've got to tell you, the amount of dedication it takes to run the Big Brother is second to no other show I know.

What's the one thing you love about Big Brother?
The difference in perspective it creates. It gives you a window into the lives of other Africans and how they live life. I'm always shocked along the way by something someone will say or do because I may think a totally different way from them due to our different backgrounds. So if there's one thing I love about the show it's how it teaches you to be tolerant of all people.

What advice do you have for this year's contestants?
The same advice I give to ask the contestants every year. Try your best to be yourself. That way, people get to know who you are and can make a decent choice whether to vote for you or not. But if you put up an act, you might not be able to sustain it until the end of the show and the minute you start to change you'll confuse whatever fans you may already have gathered. It's just safest to be yourself.

You're back for the sixth time as host of this year's edition, how does that feel? and what should we expect?
I always view it as a compliment when I'm asked to do the show again. It's like someone is saying they are proud of the work I did the last time. So I'm always really pleased to be asked to do the show. And since every show is different I'm always super exited to discover what we'll get up to as the show unfolds. What has Biggie got up his sleeve this year, you know?
I think it's safe to say that no matter what Biggie is planning we can expect a lot of drama. The house is always full of drama.

Is Big Brother a guy or a girl?
Seeing as I've never seen Biggie (even though he speaks to me on the show) I can't really answer that question authoritatively. But I always think of a Biggie as "Sexless". I simply picture Biggie as The Boss. You know his word is law in the house.

Have you ever met Big Brother?
No. Not physically

What are your expectations for this year's Big Brother Hotshots edition?
In all honesty, I never know what to expect until I meet the Housemates. They are the ones that bring life to Biggie's ideas and concepts. So I guess I'm just kinda excited and waiting with baited breath.

How does it feel being the one to announce evictions to the housemates?
Well, it's always a difficult thing to do because you've come to like these people. You've spent so much time watching them that you feel kinda connected to them. Like we were friends from before the house. And who wants to be the one to tell a friend bad news? But hey it's part of the show and it's part of my job.

Which year's Big Brother stands out the most to you?
The show has progressively gotten better over the years, and each year has exceeded my expectations. So even though I see each edition differently and can hardly compare them, I think each new edition outdoes the previous ones. And even the numbers support that notion. Each year the social media interaction about the show exceeds the last year's records.

Do you think Big Brother participants have better opportunities after their stay in the house?
I certainly think it opens up a world of possibilities to them. Especially if they are interested in a media career. If you look at the lives of some past housemates, it also supports the theory. Nic hosts Mashariki Mix, Gaetano got a job on several radio stations and landed several acting gigs, Uti hosts Jara, Vimbai hosts Star Gist etc. The list goes on. The truth is that once you've been on the show, people all over Africa are more welcoming to you.

Apart from being the host of Big Brother, what other projects are you currently working on?
Well apart from Big Brother I also keep a radio job where I work on the radio four times a week. This year I also ventured into acting. I played lead in a TV series and I have acted in two other movies. I'm going to do even more acting in the near future. I also have plans for some more TV show content. Just watch this space.

Big Brother Hotshots kicks off on Sunday, 7 September at 19:00 CAT and will run 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198. 

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