Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Message From Big Brother

A message to fans of Big Brother Africa from Big Brother:

So many of you have expressed your disappointment in Big Brother for not being able to tell you the date when Big Brother Hotshots will launch.

As we had told you last week, we needed the following for the show to launch:

1. Venue, 2. Visas, Booking flights and accommodation for Housemates and Crew, 3. Setting up Equipment and transmitting satellite link feeds to our Johannesburg Studio, 4. Testing the Live Feeds.

All the above have formed part of the challenge but we can assure you, that the show will go on. When all the above has been finalised, we will proudly announce the date of the launch and location of the new house.

Big Brother!


  1. biggie pls dont be koning now, which visa are u taking about again, i tot u said all the house mate are been lodged in an hotel in south africa so which visa are u taking about again, or av u conclude to bring seria/L and angola in?

  2. biggie we dyin of suspense now organise yo stuff w nid entertainment

  3. Guys please allow Biggie the time he needs to ensure that the show runs smoothly.Obviously you want the best entertainment presented to you and all that takes time and patience.It would be more disappointing to have technical problems during the show which is what might happen if things are rushed.

  4. We do understand Biggie its just that we can't wait the suspense is killing us however we believe in you that you will give us the best.

  5. biggie we ar eagerly waiting 4 d show to start

  6. ohhoo! biggie took the show to Nigeria

  7. biggie take yr tym 2 mak sur dat evrythn s wel we nid smthn stunning dear.....

    1. haha dumb as bricks

  8. can't wait we miss you biggie