Friday, September 26, 2014

Sabina From Kenya

Sabina, Age: 28

Sabina is a TV & Media Personality from Mombasa. She has a Degree in Finance and is working on a post-graduate diploma in Humanitarian Studies and Diplomacy.

She says she eats everything and "loves mixing stuff up and making food concoctions," she's also a big fan of oxtail, avocado, fish. Her favourite books include Joyce Meyer's The Confident Woman and Hinds Feet In High Places by Hanna Hunard. She has a long list of favourite TV shows: Upishi Xtra, Gavana, Orange Is The New Black, Smurfs, Devious Maids, Long Island, Oprah's Next Chapter and Masterclass.

She entered Big Brother Hotshots to win the money and change her life, and the lives of others. "It's something I’ve envisioned for a long time and it'll give me a chance to show Africa that I’m a star," she says. "I can entertain, but I'm also a human with problems, just like anybody else.

If she wins the money, she'll leave it alone for a month before buying a house, spoil her family with a holiday, build her Grandmother a house, save towards her daughter’s education, support her adopted charities and invest in her business.

Sabina struggles to find a balance in conflict and she would be open to finding love in the house. She promises viewers a variety of personalities because she is the Hotshot.

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  1. pretty you girl, do your thing and be natural. am a nigerian buh you have my backing.